Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sugarlips: Greco Patina Dress

So this is my attempt to write about my first out of state appearance as a fashion guest, and I begin this with a sponsored dress from Sugarlips. Last April, the Anime Matsuri Convention flew me to The Woodlands, Texas as a model for the Japanese fashion show and host to the Lolita tea parties. Since it was my first time to travel outside of California, I thought it would be a good opportunity to finally shoot the said dress, along with my very own Lolita dresses. When Sugarlips contacted me about the sponsorship, I was in my early days of falling in love with maxi dresses. I began to appreciate the lovely flow of longer dresses, but I found a hard time purchasing ones that would fit me well. I first tried Forever 21 and as expected, I ended up adjusting the bust and length of their maxis. I could always sew my own, of course, but I had to focus on creating my Lolita pieces. It was then such a lovely surprise when Sugarlips said I could choose a garment from their store. For those who have followed me, I think you already have an understanding of how I adore print and color. I thought the Greco Patina Dress embodied these very aesthetics and I was thrilled to finally put on this lovely chiffon sundress. Needless to say, it was perfect for Texas' warm weather!

Since the fashion show was scheduled later in the evening, I wanted to spend the day in a comfortable yet visually pleasing outfit, especially that we had to do hours and hours for both hair and make up, and the dress rehearsal. My Sugarlips dress was as pretty as it was comfy. I paired it with my favorite mustard Forever 21 knitted cardigan, and put on my Lita lookalikes. I longed for color, and yet I still wanted the dress to be the main attraction.

Oh how could I forget! I "gyaru-fied" (for lack of a better term) the look with Gothic Lolita Wig's Rhapsody in Light Brown. You would expect the wig to be hot basing on how thick it is, but it was surprisingly lush yet light.

So what was my favorite aspect of the dress? It has to be the halter back. It was sweet and sexy at the same time. I was glad to have worn it because I was literally drowned in frills later on during the fashion show! But more on that on my next post.


  1. Oh, super beautiful♥!!

    Hope you have a sweet day:)!
    Love, Iris

  2. Beautiful girl and beautiful dress! I wish I had been able to see you in person in this dress at Anime Matsuri! You were a fantastic host and model by the way! <3