Friday, December 7, 2012

Lace Kitty Ears + My Wardrobe I

I finally got into making the kitty ears I have been imagining for sometime now. I decided to make them from a lace dress that was supposed to be size S, but even my sister who was about an M could not wear it. It was just too huge at the neckline! I did contemplate whether I should simply sell it, but the lace was of the cluny type, and it was so lovely. I sacrificed the sleeves of the dress for my then experiment, and this was what I was able to make from it:

So cute, right? I still have the dress which is now sleeveless. I am thinking of making bunny ears from the rest of it. I do want bows but I think I've just made so much bows in my life that I want to try some other type of headpiece! A bonnet would also be cute, but I don't think it's that wearable. Anyway, I decided to use my cat ears with my dresses. Here is a little peak of what I have in my wardrobe.

Dresses care of Romwe.
Shoes care of Oasap.
Cross accessory care of Shoplately.
Tattoo tights from eBay.

There we go! Which did you like best? I really like wearing tattoo tights with my dresses, but I haven't found any design as good as the one I have. I hope they come up with bigger prints since most of the tights have tiny little cute things that just don't register well in the camera. /rant

Next time, I'll post another batch, hopefully with a new pair of tattoo tights!


  1. Such cute dresses! ^__^

    The ears are adorable, worth the sacrificing of the sleeves. :)

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

    1. Haha, I am going to sacrifice the rest of it! XD

  2. Wooow *O* I love those dresses!And cat ears! :3 How do you stick those ears on that thing for hair (I don't know how is it called in English XD) ? Have a nice day! <3

  3. So perfect dresses dear, you´re super beautiful♥!

    Hope you have a great day:)!
    Love, Iris

  4. Wow! The hair band looks super cute~ I love all of your outfits too!

  5. My Favorites were the blue one and the withe one <3 They are beautiful!! Loe them <3

  6. I looked everywhere for your dresses in Romwe and I couldn't find them ):

    1. Ehhh? I just visited the site and they were there. XD

  7. All outfits are wonderful and those lace cat ears so adorable!!! <3

  8. Love your dresses! The Romwe dresses are really cool. I love the vintage spark and how you style them! :) When you come back to the Philippines, hope to see you again :)

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  9. Do you know if Romwe still sells the white laced dress and the black dress with white lacing? Anyways, You look absolutely adorable! You're incredibly pretty and creative, especially the cat ears!