Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sugarlips: Greco Patina Dress

So this is my attempt to write about my first out of state appearance as a fashion guest, and I begin this with a sponsored dress from Sugarlips. Last April, the Anime Matsuri Convention flew me to The Woodlands, Texas as a model for the Japanese fashion show and host to the Lolita tea parties. Since it was my first time to travel outside of California, I thought it would be a good opportunity to finally shoot the said dress, along with my very own Lolita dresses. When Sugarlips contacted me about the sponsorship, I was in my early days of falling in love with maxi dresses. I began to appreciate the lovely flow of longer dresses, but I found a hard time purchasing ones that would fit me well. I first tried Forever 21 and as expected, I ended up adjusting the bust and length of their maxis. I could always sew my own, of course, but I had to focus on creating my Lolita pieces. It was then such a lovely surprise when Sugarlips said I could choose a garment from their store. For those who have followed me, I think you already have an understanding of how I adore print and color. I thought the Greco Patina Dress embodied these very aesthetics and I was thrilled to finally put on this lovely chiffon sundress. Needless to say, it was perfect for Texas' warm weather!

Since the fashion show was scheduled later in the evening, I wanted to spend the day in a comfortable yet visually pleasing outfit, especially that we had to do hours and hours for both hair and make up, and the dress rehearsal. My Sugarlips dress was as pretty as it was comfy. I paired it with my favorite mustard Forever 21 knitted cardigan, and put on my Lita lookalikes. I longed for color, and yet I still wanted the dress to be the main attraction.

Oh how could I forget! I "gyaru-fied" (for lack of a better term) the look with Gothic Lolita Wig's Rhapsody in Light Brown. You would expect the wig to be hot basing on how thick it is, but it was surprisingly lush yet light.

So what was my favorite aspect of the dress? It has to be the halter back. It was sweet and sexy at the same time. I was glad to have worn it because I was literally drowned in frills later on during the fashion show! But more on that on my next post.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Shoppingholics: Japan Barbie Eye Diamond Black Review

So I finally had the chance to review the circle lenses sponsored by Shoppingholics. The brand I got were Japan Barbie Eye Diamond Black. I would let the pictures do the talking, scroll down for my musings on these lovely lenses.

Huge difference, right? The diameter is supposed to be 17.5 mm. So far these are the biggest pair of lenses I own! I wore them the entire day yesterday and they felt comfortable throughout the day. I am not really after the pattern, but more for the enlargement effect. However, I do like how they make my eyes appear sparkly just like a diamond and of course, I find it useful that they come in prescription! My eyes are both -3.50.

Certainly, lenses like this garner a lot of attention, and opinion. Some would love them, some won't, and some would argue they prefer "natural beauty". What people don't realize is that there really is no such thing as natural beauty, in that culturally speaking, we as a species have always preferred to improve on our physical appearances. Historically and archaeologically, women and men have gone through processes of body modification. We have shaped our heads, elongated our necks, pierced our skin, the list goes on. This particular article, Beauty is Bizarre, pretty much explains my point. To us these practices would seem a bit extreme, but between facial scarification and cosmetic surgery, one truth is present: that we strive to improve our physical selves in the manner we see most beautiful. I am even compelled to believe that this desire is psychologically rooted in us. Ever since we have come to live within a society, our appearances mattered as it is one effective way we express our status and individuality, and at the same time, make known our choice to belong or standout.

I know, I know. I've gone through the anthropological talk when all I really wanted to review the circle lenses. But yeah, that is my two cents on this natural beauty vs dolly look issue. Maybe I would expound on this when I have time. So far, I have certain tasks to accomplish and that is writing reviews on these sponsored products:

Stay tuned and don't forget to enter my ongoing giveaway!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kawaii Overload

Oh dear. It is a struggle keeping a blog since I do a lot of sewing, but I know I need to keep one for reasons that would become apparent in the days to come. Fortunately I do have things to talk about or I am starting to come up with things to talk about. Needless to say, I decided to join the bandwagon and do product reviews for this blog.

Today I got my first sponsored pair of circle lenses from Shoppingholics. I wrote to them on May 8 about it and now I have them! It has been a total of seven days and this is remarkably excellent since the items had to be shipped from Malaysia. For their shipping service, I give them 10/10.

Here is the package itself, well, what it was, that is. I totally forgot about the lenses so I was so curious about its content. I was so excited I attacked it, ripping the packaging with all the might I could muster.

You could see that it was a bit of a struggle, since the package was done properly. Not only did the envelope have its own bubble wrap, the content itself was encased in a cute pink plastic and was also covered with bubble wrap. Again, that's 10/10 for the packaging. At this point I somehow guessed what it was since I could already see the lens case, which was adorable. The letter finally reminded me that I was getting sponsored lenses for review.

I found it weird though that the glass vials were kept in a box. I have been using circle lens for years now, and most of the time I got them in glass vials secured with bubble wrap. I was curious to open the little black box and was overwhelmed with cuteness when I saw this adorable "RoboCow". At least that's what I could make of it. The box reads Barbie Eye and I again I was reminded that I requested for Japan Barbie Eye Diamond Black.

I find it neat to keep the glass vials within a toy. It is something you could display and take photos of, unlike having just glass vials which you would most likely discard. What's interesting is that you could also keep the lenses within it. It is cute and functional, although I preferred to keep mine in the green lens case which was equally cute.

Partially broke my nail. This is a testament of how I overwork my hands and fingers, LOL.
I really wanted to put them on and see how the pattern blends with my eyes. But I knew I had to soak them 8 hours or more. That is standard procedure when purchasing and using new lenses. It is effective that Shoppingholics wrote me a letter reminding me about it. So I did and right now my lenses are soaked in Equate's Multipurpose Solution - NOT with the liquid they came with in the glass vials. 

Overall, I am glad with Shoppingholics' service and hopefully I would do the circle lenses justice when I review them. I am really excited to review them, especially that I also have Anz's Diamond Lashes! She was selling them really cheap, about less than 15$ per box so I got them. There are four pairs for the lower lashes, Princess Eye, while the other two top lashes namely Cat Eye and Angel Eye are complete.   

Wait there's more! Yesterday I received the other wigs I requested from Gothic Lolita Wig's Rhapsody Collection. I got the Lavender, Platinum Blonde, and Dark Chocolate. I would be using these wigs for a fashion show I would be doing soon. For now though, I would use them alongside the circle lenses and lashes when I make the reviews.

I know I have so much stuff. I would be honest that I am a bit embarrassed talking about the things that I own. I hope I don't come off as someone who brags about her material possession. What I want people to understand is that I worked hard for everything that I have now, and by everything, I just don't mean money or material possession. I am happy to share that most of things I have posted here are actually expressions of other people's generosity and support towards my work. I think that is the best thing I have in my life now. And for that, I am willing to work harder, willing to give my best.

Having said that, I now resume to working on client commissions.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Pink Parade: GIVEAWAY for MAY

To cut it short:

Hi everyone!

Here is some exciting news. After an entire month of liking and sharing, we have a winner for the puppy bow. The lucky lady is Keana Ragesdale! Here is the bow she won:

But that doesn't end there since we have this month's giveaway. These prizes are handpicked by me from my collection of wigs, accessories, and even cosmetics. Most of them are in pink and I would  rather give them away to people who could actually use and coordinate them! Moreover, it is a huge lot so this time we are getting THREE winners!

So here's a rundown of who's winning what:

OPEN TO ALL COUNTRIES. The prizes include a Peach Pink Pony necklace from Holley Tea Time and a cute bow ring.

OPEN TO ALL COUNTRIES. This set includes Dolly Wink items I bought way back but never really got to use. Talk about impulse buy! Of course to complete the set I am throwing in 10 pairs of falsies.

OPEN TO US AND CANADA ONLY. This set includes the awesome Atomic Love Affair wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs which you could accessorize with a Skull Candy bow made by yours truly, dolldelight. Shipping is going to be brutal so I am limiting these to the said countries. XD


We'll have a raffle ticket system for this giveaway. The winners will be drawn on JUNE 16 2012 California time via RANDOM.ORG. You earn 1 raffle ticket per method:

A. LIKE my page on Facebook
B. SUBSCRIBE to my profile on Facebook
     Hype an entry or entries, if you will!                                    

I will keep track of the entries here, in this very blog entry. Please provide the following per method done:

1) For A and B, leave your FACEBOOK URL.
2) For C, leave your LOOKBOOK USERNAME.
3) For D, leave your TUMBLR USERNAME/URL.
4) For E, leave your BLOG URL.
5) For F, leave your TWITTER USERNAME/URL


3) dolldelight
5) dolldelight

You could do as many methods as you want. Doing all of them guarantees you 6 RAFFLE TICKETS (that's methods A-F), which means a bigger chance of winning any of the three prizes. YEY! Or you could do just one, which still is a YEY! :)

Giveaway starts now and ends JUNE 16 2012, PACIFIC STANDARD TIME. Goodluck everyone!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Review: Diamond Lash (Baby Eye) + Princess Mimi (Chocolate Brown)

After months and months of not putting up anything here... I am finally back, and hopefully for good! So much has changed since I have last written here and maybe, that should be reason enough to actually write. For now though, let's begin with a review I should have done ages ago.

Along with the Princess Mimi Sesame Grey, I got myself the Chocolate Brown. These lenses are from GEO Medical and are supposed to be 15mm in diameter. Like the grey ones, these are the most vibrant lenses I have ever had. I stress that I have dark irises, and am just amazed that the color actually shows! Plus they have a thick limbal ring that scores a 5/5 in terms of enlargement. The design also allows for a natural look, as the specks create a sense of depth. Just like the Sesame Grey, these lenses are my absolute favorite!

With my experience of the Diamond Lash brand, I decided to try another style of lower lashes. This time I wanted something less dramatic and more cost-effective. Baby Eye seemed to be the perfect choice. The lashes were smaller and spread apart, unlike Princess Eye which had thicker lashes towards the edge. Since the design is also symmetrical, I could cut a single lash into two and glue them onto the corners of my eyes. I have done this and it was great for a natural look. But then again, I prefer using the entire lash band as it creates a very cute doll-eye look. I wore these lashes to a mini shoot I did at home wearing the dress I made. I called it Little Match Girl for all its tatteredness. And yes, I also made the antlers.

Pre Shoot:

Shoot + Post Processing:

Lens and Lashes Close Up

Post Shoot: 

And here's a photo of the dress, you could see more details here:

If you are looking to commission me, just hit me up at my Facebook!