Monday, July 23, 2012

Winners Announcement!

Oh my. After such a long time of not posting, here I am, finally! I am so sorry if I kept delaying the announcement for my previous Pink Parade giveaway. But here it is now, along with the winners from the live giveaway we had at Anime Expo. Yes, that's another blog post I need to cook, together with my circle lens and make up reviews!

So without further ado, our Pink Parade winners are:
Third Prize - Accessories
Second Prize - Make Up
First Prize - Hair

For our Anime Expo winners, they will be receiving circle lenses from K-CircleLens.Net and BB Cream sachets from AsianFashionCity.Com.

Kathleen French
Serra Brenher
Jennifer Benham

Yey, that's it! I am planning another giveaway soon, as in maybe after this post, so stay tuned! So what has been keeping me up? Well, you could easily guess it if you follow The recent months have been so crazy for me. I have fashion shows lined up after fashion shows. The biggest one I have done was Anime Expo. I will write about that in a bit. For now, let me share photos from my day out with my boyfriend. I wore my Hime Gyaru look to see The Amazing Spider-Man with him!