Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lavender Loveliness

This is such a late post! I had a photoshoot with Anthony back in May. We went to a Japanese garden in Long Beach, California. It was my first time to travel to do a photoshoot, ever since I have moved here in the US. It was also my first time working with my boyfriend as photographer. I had two outfits for that, and this was the first one.

Just a quick rundown of what I was wearing:
Lavender Garden Dress Set, made by me. Visit for more of my work.
Rhapsody in Lavender, sponsored by GothicLolitaWigs.Com
EOS King Size in Purple, sponsored by K-Circlelens.Net

Thank you for looking! :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Giveaway: 150$ Worth Circle Lenses!

Hi everyone! Here is another giveaway from me to you! But before anything else, kindly check this post to see if you won my previous giveaway! If you are one of the winners, kindly comment here or message me in

So, onto our next giveaway! The prize at stake is 150$ worth of circle lens/ related products from my ever generous sponsor K-Circlelens.Net. This is open to ALL COUNTRIES!


We'll have a raffle ticket system for this giveaway. The winners will be drawn on Sept 2 2012 California time via RANDOM.ORG. You earn 1 raffle ticket per method:

A. LIKE my page on Facebook

B. LIKE K-Circlelens.Net's page on Facebook K-CIRCLELENS.NET PAGE

C. SUBSCRIBE to my profile on Facebook

Hype an entry or entries, if you will!



RETWEET the [GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT], reply which is your favorite circle lens from all time, and include #dolldelight.

I will keep track of the entries here, in this very blog entry. Please provide the following per method done:

1) For A, B and C, leave your FACEBOOK URL.
2) For D, leave your LOOKBOOK USERNAME.
3) For E, leave your TUMBLR USERNAME/URL.
4) For F, leave your BLOG URL.
5) For G, leave your TWITTER USERNAME/URL


3) dolldelight
5) dolldelight

You could do as many methods as you want. Doing all of them guarantees you 7 RAFFLE TICKETS (that's methods A-F), which means a bigger chance of winning any of the three prizes. YEY! Or you could do just one, which still is a YEY! :)

Giveaway starts now and ends Sept 1 2012, PACIFIC STANDARD TIME. Goodluck everyone!

Review: GEOCOLOUREDLENSES.COM Cafe Mimi Waffle Grey

ABOUT THE SHOP was generous enough to sponsor me 3 lenses from the GEO, the leading brand for circle lenses. The store offers all the different series under the said brand. The team is quick to reply to inquiries. Shipping is fast and reliable too.


Brand: GEO
Series: Cafe Mimi Waffle
Color: Grey - Though these have a golden-brownish center that blends well with the iris.
Size: 15mm - These appear huge because of their thick outer ring.
Design: Really pretty, though the design does not show much on the eyes. I wish the golden brown hues were a bit more vibrant.
Comfort: Sad to say, these are the most uncomfortable lenses I have ever worn. This honestly came as a surprise since I have worn GEO for as long as I have worn circle lenses. It feels thick and heavy on the eyes. I was able to put them on for about 10 minutes. It was a struggle to take photos with them since I can't seem to open my eyes.
Verdict: I wish the style would be remade into a more comfortable one! I own other GEO lenses and they don't feel anything like the CMW Grey. Back track and you would find my reviews for The Princess Mimi Series (Chocolate Brown, Sesame Grey) - my absolute favorites! 
Other: My lenses come with prescription. I am -3.50 for both eyes.

Indoor Lighting

With Flash

There we go! If you're wondering why I am all dressed up, it is because I had a video and photo shoot today! I would be posting more about it soon, but you could get updates on my fashion shows and projects on Dress and headpiece made by me, wig by GothicLolitaWigs.Com.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Review: UNIQSO iFairy Kirei Brown

Time for some circle lens review. This pair was generously sponsored by Uniqso.


When I was asked to choose my pair of lenses, I thought it would be difficult to choose from their wide selection. I didn't know what I wanted, but one thing was for sure, I wanted it to be HUGE! I was so glad that they categorize their products according to brand, color, and yes, diameter. It became easy to finally decide (though admittedly, I wanted all of them!) on one of the 16mm lenses, that being the iFairy Kirei Brown. It seemed to have a unique color to it, basing on the stock photos. I was really excited to get them. The admin of the shop was very nice and accommodating. I received my package in about 3 weeks. It came with a free lens case.


Brand: iFairy Kirei
Color: Brown - Though they appear to fade into green. Very vibrant, even in dim lighting.
Size: 16mm - These are really huge. If worn without make up, these kind of look weird. But if you are going for a dramatic look, this pair is perfect.
Design: The outer ring is thick enough to outline the eyes. The black speckles allow the lenses to blend naturally with my eyes.
Comfort: I wore them the entire day when I went to see The Amazing Spider-Man. Did not dry nor itch.
Verdict: These are probably one of the prettiest lenses I have worn. They make me want to try the other iFairy series.
Other: My lenses come with prescription. I am -3.50 for both eyes.

Here are some of the photos I took wearing the said lenses. I went out in my Hime Gyaru dress and headpiece, which I made months ago. If you want to see more of my designs, please visit And yes, I wore a wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Winners Announcement!

Oh my. After such a long time of not posting, here I am, finally! I am so sorry if I kept delaying the announcement for my previous Pink Parade giveaway. But here it is now, along with the winners from the live giveaway we had at Anime Expo. Yes, that's another blog post I need to cook, together with my circle lens and make up reviews!

So without further ado, our Pink Parade winners are:
Third Prize - Accessories
Second Prize - Make Up
First Prize - Hair

For our Anime Expo winners, they will be receiving circle lenses from K-CircleLens.Net and BB Cream sachets from AsianFashionCity.Com.

Kathleen French
Serra Brenher
Jennifer Benham

Yey, that's it! I am planning another giveaway soon, as in maybe after this post, so stay tuned! So what has been keeping me up? Well, you could easily guess it if you follow The recent months have been so crazy for me. I have fashion shows lined up after fashion shows. The biggest one I have done was Anime Expo. I will write about that in a bit. For now, let me share photos from my day out with my boyfriend. I wore my Hime Gyaru look to see The Amazing Spider-Man with him!