Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Review: PINKYPARADISE Vassen Cloud Nine Grey

 Hurrrr. Kinda creepy. I know.

But these lens sponsored by Pinky Paradise are fast becoming my favorite, so on to the review!


Pinky Paradise is one of the best known online store for circle lenses. The store boasts of over 600+ different styles, ranging from cosplay to fashion. Believe me, it was really hard to choose which pair I wanted, so I was glad they were generous enough to give me two! It was also nice shopping in their stores since most lenses are readily available and they ship as fast as 1-3 days. I took a look around and found out they carried eye make up like false eyelashes too. Pinky Paradise is definitely your  one-stop eye make up online beauty store!


Brand: Vassen 
Series: Cloud Nine
Color: Grey - These are the truest grey lenses I have ever worn. The color is opaque so they definitely show even with my dark brown eyes. These are opaque enough to look really odd without make up.
Size: 14.5mm - I have worn bigger lenses, but I enjoy these as much. They do look bigger because of the outer ring. 
Design: The outer ring is thick enough to outline the eyes. The simplicity of the design also makes your pupil look smaller, and your iris bigger.  
Comfort: I have been wearing them to my shoots, and have worn them for over a day. Not a problem with these lenses at all!
Verdict: Totally in love with the color, despite how creepy they could look. I think this pair suits dramatic make up best. 
Other: My lenses come with prescription. I am -3.50 for both eyes.

Pinky Paradise also gave me a coupon for YOU to use! It's dolldelight and you could use it whenever you want. You get a cute animal lens case and a mystery gift if you do! How awesome is that. <3

Here are the photos!

Dress and bow made by me, visit for more of my work.
Wig sponsored by GothicLolitaWigs.Com
Photos by my boyfriend. :3

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

ROMWE: Scarf Print Off Shoulder Dress

Received a dress from Romwe's fashion blogger program. They are having up to 75% OFF sale until Aug 31st, so better visit them! Free shipping worldwide, no minimum purchase required.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Finally found my Holy Grail for AWESOME Skin!

Could you believe that picture? That's a full on face, fresh from the camera, non-edited shot, something I am not usually comfortable with because I am conscious whether my skin would look flaky or not. To be honest, I do not have bad skin, but that does not necessarily mean I have good skin 100% of the time. If you have been following, you would know how I tend to not sleep because of sewing! That's not so bad when I know I could get enough sleep the next day. But sometimes I need to go running to do shoots and even, scariest of all, TV appearances! In the morning, I would then realize how I should not have stayed up so late because my skin would reflect just that! If you lack sleep or are sick, you would notice how make-up, particularly foundation (cream/liquid/powder) would just build up on your skin and not be absorbed. You often end up with what I call a "thick" face. Not so bad when you have Photoshop to correct it (yeah, let's get real people). But really, sometimes, I cannot stand the heaviness of the guck I need to pile on my face to conceal skin unevenness and dark circles. I also came to realize that I am 20+ already, and that what I do to my skin now would probably add up to how worse or better it becomes. That's why I decided to one day walk into a beauty store and pick up some skin goodies. I had a local one that sold Korean cosmetics. If you are from Orange County, definitely visit that store! (I don't know the name because it was written in Han-geul, but it's near Ajisen Ramen, in Diamond Jamboree, Irvine).

I have never tried facial masks before, so I wanted to get into a daily regimen that involved them. I picked the BRTC Rice Stem Cell Mask for 25$ for 5 masks and the Collagen Repair Pack for 35$. I thought it was a cream but I finally googled for directions in English and found out it was a wash after mask. When I was at the register, I asked the lady what she could suggest for dry skin. I told her I used Skin79 Gold Label (generously sponsored by She suggested that I try the Collagen Mist from Clio sold for 25$, so my skin would better absorb the bb cream. I was not looking to spend as much as 85$ but I gave in anyway because the ladies of the store all had pretty skin. LOL! If you are on a tight budget though, I suggest you try Yes to Tomatoes! I ordered it from Zappos for 14.99$ but I had a 15$ coupon with me, thanks to my boyfriend, and shipping was free so I spent not a dime on it. I decided to include it in my regimen since it was basically a mask too.

On to the masks, I first tried BRTC and spent 2 hours letting the mask dry on my face. My skin felt moisturized afterwards but I also wanted to try the collagen mask, which I thought was a cream then. I applied it and slept with it on. It was sticky but I was watching a movie so I just ignored it until I finally went to bed. I washed it in the morning and was so happy with the silky feeling! I've always been suspicious regarding the effectiveness of beauty products (and that's why it took me this long to finally start and keep and regimen) but this stuff worked. Since I've been lucky with the two other products, I decided to spray on the collagen mist before applying my bb cream. It had a nice scent but I would prefer for it to not have any at all. My Skin79 Gold Label bb cream was indeed easier to apply. I was surprised at how the products seemed to work. I searched about these products and that's when I found out that the collagen pack was a mask and not a cream!

Yes, I have obviously (ab)used it! It had a nice smell, too. And I do feel that my skin gets nourished with it.

Yes to Tomatoes is the cheapest product in my regimen but I love it as much! It has a refreshing, minty feeling to it once applied. It's perfect for the current warm weather. It is actually part of an anti acne line so I suggest you use this if you are prone to breakouts.

Finally I get the right coverage from my bb cream, all thanks to this collagen mist! I think it serves as a good primer. I will try this next time with my heavier foundation from Revlon.

If you have noticed, I have been using the products as a step by step regimen. I do not know if each becomes more effective because of the other, but I do not mind investing on them, as they are mostly collagen products. Collagen is known to hydrate and improve the elasticity of the skin and I think that's what I need most.

I am not really one to hype up a product, particularly a beauty product since everyone's skin is unique and has its own needs. I do understand, however, how women want to maintain or improve their skin, so I am giving my opinion on the ones I've personally tested. I have been doing this regimen for a week now, and so far, I have not broken out. I will be keeping up with it and look for other improvements. I would probably add to it a product that helps with dark circles since I stay up late so much.

If you are interested with my circle lenses, these are Vassen Cloud Grey, sponsored by Pinky Paradise. I would be writing the review next time!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Another shoot from last month! I still have a pile of photoshoots to upload, haha! Thanks for my boyfriend who has been my photographer. Anyway, here's a rundown of what I am wearing:
Dolly Kei Dress & Headpiece - made by moi:
Wig sponsored by GothicLolitaWigs.Com
Heart Ring sponsored by

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Long time no post! I can't believe how crazy my schedule has become. I have done a shoot before this one, but I'll have this posted first since I like it more, hehe. I did a photo and video shoot with my boyfriend at this historic place called San Juan Capistrano Mission. Google it up for more photos of the said location. If you are local, I would love to do a shoot with you here! I am definitely coming back to this pretty place.

So what did I wear? Initially I wanted my purple dolly kei-ish ensemble but I was not too sure with the shoes. I had been lucky to receive a pair of Kitoro Wedges (pictured below) from and I was just aching to do a shoot with them! I settled with my tattered dress because the shoes seemed like they were made for that dress! Oh, if you want to grab a pair with a 20% off, please use code: dolldelight! You are free to use that code in any shopping you might want to do in I swear, they carry tons of cute clothing and shoes, not to mention they have a super fast shipping and extremely helpful customer service! <3

Of course I could not shoot with just a dress and a pair of shoes! I made little clips with tattered fabric and lace, buttons, and butterflies and arranged them into a headband on my wig sponsored by

Before I forget, I made a video for a campaign. I am teaming up with a crowdfunding company to help get my brand started for real. Please do not hesitate to join: Dolldelight Campaign. <3

So enough with the babbling, here are the photos you must see, teehee!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Meandering Memories

I think I am inherently lonely.

Or maybe, it's just the extra surge of female hormones that plague me just before I get my period. Whatever the case is, tonight I dwell in the darkest of my thoughts. No, I do not mean death. I just mean sorrow, and the inability to freely express it to another soul, to one that knows me, that is. I could write this down now knowing you all are anonymous. I am made ignorant of my audience and I take comfort in that.

My heart is mute when it comes to being honest about feelings, particularly when it comes to mine. I do not know why but I could not seem to truly open myself up. Do not get me wrong though, the friendship that I offer is sincere... But even with the closest of my friends, I could not say that I am sad. Or maybe I could. It is the "why" that I always fail to communicate.

Maybe because I myself do not know why.

If I try to put it into words, my kind of sorrow is the feeling of loss and uncertainty. I guess I could say that I am sad because I lost my dog. I guess I could say I am sad because I am not sure with the things I have chosen to do in my life. But even when I have written it, it feels there is so much more to it. So much more... It weighs down my soul.

I think I am lost in my own garden of gloom.