Saturday, September 22, 2012

SUGARLIPS: Chenoa Tribal Dress, SHOPLATELY: Glint & Gleam

If you have been reading my posts, you would know that I have entered all these fashion blogger programs. Today we will talk about Sugarlips and Shoplately.

I have been fortunate to receive my first chiffon dress from Sugarlips which I reviewed here. They asked me to review another one and this time I chose a high low hem dress, the Chenoa Tribal Dress. Before we get to the dress, I would just like to commend them for having grown so much as an online store!

Needless to say, I was so excited to try on my dress and snap pictures! But I just had to wait for a couple of things, my Shoplately necklace and GoJane spiked heels! The necklace was such as steal as I only got it for 13$. They have awesome deals for accessories so please do check them out. I also wore my star tattoo tights for this shoot. I have been contemplating about how they would look from afar, but I don't think they are that bad, are they? Once completed, I dragged my boyfriend for a shoot! ;)

This is such a different look for me! And oh yeah, that tiara is the necklace I got from Shoplately. What do you think?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012



GECOLOUREDLENSES.COM was generous enough to sponsor me 3 lenses from the GEO, the leading brand for circle lenses. The store offers all the different series under the said brand. The team is quick to reply to inquiries. Shipping is fast and reliable too.


Brand: GEO
Series: XTRA Lavender
Color: Dark grey that appears bluish. 
Size: 15mm - These appear huge because of their thick outer ring.
Design: I consider this a simple design. I like how it blends well with the pupil, instead of having just a clean hole that frames the pupil. 
Comfort: These are extremely comfortable, the way I have known Geo lenses should be. I guess there must have been a different in the thickness when they developed my other pair from GEOCOLOUREDLENSES.COM, the pretty but irritating Cafe Mimi Waffle Grey.
Verdict: I love grey lenses, and I love how comfortable Geo ones are. I wish they came in a lighter grey though, kind of like the ones with Princess Mimi. The kind of grey this pair has does not show much, unless in ample light. The design, however, is subtle and could pass as a good enlarging pair of black lens. Back track and you would find my reviews for The Princess Mimi Series (Chocolate Brown, Sesame Grey) - my absolute favorites! 
Other: My lenses come with prescription. I am -3.50 for both eyes.

And oh, if you liked my outfit, you could read about how I got it for free from ROMWE in this post.