Wednesday, November 21, 2012



GECOLOUREDLENSES.COM was generous enough to sponsor me 3 lenses from the GEO, the leading brand for circle lenses. The store offers all the different series under the said brand. The team is quick to reply to inquiries. Shipping is fast and reliable too.


Name: Latte
Brand: GEO
Series: Cafe Mimi
Color: Dark Brown to Golden Brown to Yellow. hints of Grey. The colors are not so opaque so they did not fully show on my dark eyes, except for the really light yellow part.
Size: 15mm - These appear medium-sized because of their dark brown outer ring. Had it been black, the lenses would seem larger.
Design: True to its name, it does appear like some yummy liquid. The design is beautiful, but since I have dark eyes, I wasn't really able to benefit from it.
Comfort:  Super comfortable, the way I've known Geo lenses to be!
Verdict: These are natural looking lenses. Maybe I have been so used to wearing lenses with really obvious outer ring that I consider these not so dolly. I do wonder how these would look on really light eyes though. I would still wear this pair because of its comfort.
Other: My lenses come with prescription. I am -3.50 for both eyes.

Up next I would be reviewing Princess Mimi series! I have the Almond, and the new addition to the series - Starmish Grey and Brown!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

BABY, the Stars Shine Bright at PMX

I am so glad to have been able to model for Baby again! They are biggest Lolita brand in the world. It has been such an honor to be chosen for their show. A while back, I modeled for them for Anime Matsuri. It has been my first time to wear brand, and it was nothing short of magical! Before I started making my own clothes and accessories, I have dreamed of one day being able to see a Baby dress up close. Needless to say, Baby is that one brand that inspired me to create. I was never a Sweet Lolita, maybe I was never even a true blue Lolita, but it is the aesthetic of the said fashion that has led me to designing dresses the way I do now. Anyway, I am just going to keep this short and sweet and leave you with the photos (and some caption)! :)


 I submitted the last photo to Pacific Media Expo when they were doing a model casting for Baby. I was able to see this particular photo in Masumi Kano's, Baby's designer, list of models. I think that this photo led me to getting assigned to another pink dress... Pink has never really been my color, but my lord, the dress was beyond gorgeous!


And here the photos of two more models! The bunny girl, Audry, has also been one of my dolldelight models.

And then, the finale dress! Baby has always ended their fashion show with a bridal lolita. So elegant and heavenly!

I will try to get more photos of the other models! I am really picky with which photos to post (because I want them always high quality LOL) plus I don't know the other girls so... XD But I'd leave you the fashion show videos in the end. Anyway, group picture!

And finally, a bit of chitchat with the designer, Masumi Kano. I first met her during the Anime Matsuri show and I was just really quiet the whole time. I am so glad she remembered me! We talked about doing Anime Matsuri for 2013. I am really excited to see her again! I don't know if I would get to model for Baby for the third time, but I simply want to see her! She is such a sweet girl.

Anime Matsuri JFashion Show 2012

Pacific Media Expo 2012

Photo credits:
Erskine Noel


I've often said that if there was such a convention that I would consider my birthday, it has to be Pacific Media Expo/ PMX. It was the first US con I have ever attended as a guest and it truly opened up a lot of doors for me and for my work. All of the fashion shows, TV appearances, and newspaper features I have had the pleasure to be involved in were all because of that one con that gave me the chance to share my work. It was really great to be back this year and to be part of the con's major events. I had the opportunity to showcase my very own dolldelight designs and to model for the most prestigious Lolita brand, BABY, The Stars Shine Bright! For this post, I will share with the photos of my models who wore dresses and accessories made by me. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Erskine Noel for all the photos!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bandage Bow Tutorial

I first published this post a year ago, here is the original link if you wish to reblog: Bandage Bow Tutorial.
This is perfect for you if you love sewing but hate wasting fabric scraps. XD

I remembered about it when I was thinking of making a new headpiece for this particular dress. I wanted to make another one for the upcoming Pacific Media Expo fashion show this weekend. It had to keep with the theme of the dress which is tatteredness. I liked the idea of making the bandage bow again, but it had to be a bit different. Anyway, let me first walk you through the steps of how to make your own bandage bow. I will then show the modifications I made to my own bow.


1. Fusible interfacing
2. Muslin cloth
3. Shears
4. Iron
5. Sewing machine or a needle and thread (handstitch)
6. Fabric glue (optional)


1. Cut the interfacing into 3 rectangles. You’re free to use your preferred size but they have to vary in measurements. Make sure you are working with the stick-on side, you could determine this by bringing the sheet to a light source. The stick-on’s side is shiny and looks like it has dried glue all over it. Take the two bigger pieces and fold them in half. These would be your bow parts. Do the same for the smallest rectangle. This would serve as the middle strip that would hold the two bigger pieces together. Sew edges together. Open up the pieces and fold them again, this time positioning the stitched edges on the middle. 

2. Prepare your strips of cloth. For this tutorial, I used Muslin since it’s light and frays rather well, makes for a good torn bandages effect. Again, you are free to cut these strips in whatever size you want them. Just make sure that most of them could be wrapped around the entire piece.

3. Take a piece and start “mummifying” it. There are no rules in wrapping, only that the strips or even just parts of it come into contact with the piece, especially if you are layering them. Remember that the strips get attached to the piece by the stick-on side. Be creative and see to it that you achieve your desired effect. 

4. Once you have arranged your strips, it is time to iron them down. If you have correctly sewn the pieces earlier, you would find that the strips fuse with the interfacing! Continue ironing until several of the strips stick to the piece. For those that didn’t stick, you could use fabric glue or you could even leave them loose and hanging as this still contributes to the bandage effect. 

5. Do the same for the backside of the piece. Since you wrapped the strips all around the piece, you would see that the back is almost done. You could add more layers and iron them down.

6. Continue mummifying and ironing all the pieces.

7. Now this has to be the tricky part. If you have your own way of constructing bows, go ahead and skip this step. If you don’t, here’s how I do it: Position the smaller piece over the bigger piece. This is the bow’s front side. Have them overlap for about 2-3 inches at the top. Make the folds: For single layer folds, I used pink pins. For the double layer, yellow pins. Fold the topmost part of the smaller piece. Pin. Fold another section, this time include the bigger piece (and this why I called it double layer as you are folding a section of the smaller piece and section of the bigger piece all at the same time). Do two of these double layer folds. Pin. Finally, resume to single layer folds. Do two of this using the bottom part of the bigger piece.

8. Once you have folded and pinned these sections, bring them altogether to the middle. Use the smaller rectangle piece as a band to hold the bigger pieces together. Turn your bow to the back side and pin the ends of the band together. Sew.

9. Remove all the pins. You could choose to leave your bow like this, with all the strips loose and hanging.

10. Or you could clean it up a bit, cut the excess and “texturize” the strips. You could do this by cutting the strips with a pair of dull scissors or the tip of your shears. Once done, attach the bow to a clip or headband. 

And voila, you’re all done! Now this bow is like a blank canvas. Several other things could be done to improve it.

1. For Guro Lolita, you could use fabric paint to mimic bloodstains.
2. For an antique Victorian doll look, you could use coffee to make your bow look old and worn out.
3. You could also try burning the edge of the strips for an interesting effect.

About my new bow, I decided to make it into a Frankenbow! Instead of cutting the fabric into strips, I had it in random shapes. I also made use of another fabric which was lace. Finally, I added a decorative stitch that looks like surgical stitches. 

I cannot wait to pair it with this dress:

See you at the fashion show! :D