Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gone Goth

Goth has always been the most intriguing subculture ever formed. I think it is human nature to be curious and be drawn to something mysterious. While I have never been a true-blue goth as I prefer to experiment with a variety of looks, Goth to me is a classic kind of beauty. Fortunately, I have been sponsored pieces of clothing that would let me explore the fashion.

Black Mesh Dress, Pleather Tube, Pleather Skirt sponsored by Romwe.
The Sophisticated. This look would be perfect for a formal gathering. You could tone down the lipstick into nude, leave the bow, and become the lady elegant in black. Still, I prefer to do mine dramatic!

Speaking of the spiky bow, let me proudly tell you that I made it. XD I've been working on a lot of commissions lately so I only have time to work on tiny pieces. If you want one for yourself, please don't hesitate to message me in my page.

Skull Top sponsored by IndressMe. Pleather Skirt sponsored by Romwe.
The Sassy. Go out with friends feeling extra cute and still be edgy with this look! Skulls has always been a motif of Gothic fashion and a skull as huge as this would definitely have people's attention.

Not only is this top fashionable, it's also warm and comfy. Play a laid back look and yet remain cute and edgy!

Spiky Bra, Pleather Skirt sponsored by Romwe
The Sexy. While I am one of those people who have never gone clubbing before, I think this look would be a perfect night out fashion statement. The studs would definitely make you the highlight of the night. Of course, better wear with in a warmer weather!

Black lipstick, defined eyes. These have been the trademark make up of both guys and gals who enjoy the Gothic fashion. If you're looking for a black lippie, try NYX's Blackberry.

So that's about it for Goth themed photoshoot. Which look did you like best?


  1. In love with that first dress!! It's so beautiful.

  2. Cool and fashionable goth looks Cyril! :)

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  3. While I love all three of these outfits, the first one is abolutely amazing. Ah, I'm in love with it! ♥

  4. You look absolutely stunning in each outfit, i really love that jumper on you <3


  5. All of it is so so SO cool!!! *O* You look great in it!

  6. I have the perfect skull purse for you :D

  7. I wish I could look like you! Everything about you from your fashion to your personality is perfect!!
    - M.

  8. The one with the skull sweater is awesome! :D