Sunday, February 17, 2013

Alt Cramer Project Teaser

Awhile back I mentioned doing a feature for the German publication Alt Cramer. Yesterday we finally started the photoshoot. I was running around and instructing the models, so I really did not have time to get my own photos. Luckily, we had a group of professional photographers in our team! I am so excited to see their stuff!

A bit of info about these dresses since a lot of people seem to ask the same questions all over... XD
I designed and made the dresses and hair accessories. You could purchase them in my shop. You could also commission me for a new design or for one that is custom made for your measurements. You may email me here for more details. Some of the wigs worn by my models are my own and were sponsored by Gothic Lolita Wigs. Lastly, though I did begin as a Lolita designer, I am not confined to that style anymore. When I started making my own dresses, I realized how constricting it was to work under a particular style. Honestly, I just found the rules silly. In the end, I wanted to make something that makes me happy and it does not matter whether it was Lolita or not.

So there, and here are the few photos from that shoot. Please enjoy!


  1. The dresses are really beautiful and so are the pictures and models, good job C:

  2. Omg, the first photo! I am SO in loveee<3!

  3. WHOA, Stan the Man himself !! Insane!

  4. Your purple dresses always look amazing !