Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dream within a dream

Finally I am able to wear Nevermore, an Edgar Allan Poe dress I designed and made. I just wish I could have captured the entire dress! Anyway, this is going to be one of the pieces I would be having for the Anime Conji fashion show. If you are interested to model, please go to this page.

Oh by the way, here's a short tutorial for you on how I did my lips! I will try to do a full make-up one next time, but let me warn you that it takes me 45 minutes to do it. lol


  1. The photos are absolutely stunning! *A*

    With love,

  2. Your makeup is so great you should do a tutorial :)

  3. You are so pretty and talented!

  4. you look like the pretty doll on the couch of my grandma *_*
    You are so ... wow

    *Liebe Grüße > darkest.heart