Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Wow, I can't believe I haven't really posted about dresses that I make in here! I think it would be fitting to start with the Nevermore Dress, the first dress I made for 2013. Let me know what you think! This is available in my shop, by the way.

I made myself promise that in 2013, I would be making dresses thrice as complicated as my first collection was. I have wanted to push myself to the limit! But this dress, it was not really intended to be made yet. I rushed to make it because an event invited me to attend and judge an independent designer competition. With about 18 hours, more or less, I struggled to finish it.

Though it was made completely rushed, I still love how it turned out. I love it enough to take it apart and sew it more properly next time. My favorite would be the fully constructed bodice. It has damask voile as the fashion fabric, with layers of organza, interfacing, and polyester lining. Oh, I decided to add boning too! I just love how stable and structured it looks.

The easiest part to make was the skirt. It was made from the damask voile with organza and lining. The ruffle trim also made my job a lot easier! I think I will get more for my other dresses. The white beaded lace was something I had a bit of a hard time deciding. First, I had a part of me think that it's too white. Yet I could not bring myself to dye it cream with coffee/tea as the word "Nevermore" and some drawings in the print were white. Looking back, had I dyed it, I don't think it would have this effect that the white lace achieves in a black contrast. Color was not only the problem though. I had to spend about an hour thinking if I should just cut the lower lace or not. In the end, I did, but only for the vertical portion of the peplum.

If there was one thing I have been truly scared to do, it has to be invisible zipper sewn in between the facing and the actual fabric. I mean, it is easy to put it if you didn't have lining/ facing to think about. I am glad I took what time I had and figured out how to sandwich the zipper between the fabrics. 

So there. I still don't have decent pictures of me in it yet, so I will skip that part for now. I made matching head accessories for it. I will try to dress up completely, when I have time, and do a black lipstick review.

What do you think of my dress?


  1. It's beautiful! Poe would be proud <3

  2. This is a very beautiful dress! Especially love the black fabric.

    Looking forward to the photos of the full set!

    With love,

  3. This new picece is gorgeous! I've always been a fan of your more natural toned dresses, the print detail is lovely, congratulations on making it!
    Really looking forward to see the photoes of the full set!


  4. A great start to 2013, it's amazing.