Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Jessica Buurman + Romwe Outfits I

Wow, could you believe it? I've actually made two consecutive posts from scratch! XD If you're wondering why I have been so suddenly able to do the amazing feat of updating regularly (well, sorta), it's because I've received my sponsored shoes one after the other! Yesterday I received and did the full package of photo and video shoot for my Max Star shoes review! Today I received my Belly Button Multi Strap Wedges from the online store, Jessica Buurman. :D I am going to keep this short and let you jump onto the video review. But first, let me credit Romwe for my black dress, Gothic Lolita Wigs for my wig (ohhh, there's a dyeing story behind this as it was originally light blonde. I'll share my technique with you soon!), then of course, my headpiece, which was made by me! So there, onto the review. PS, watch it in HD! XD

Then of course, more photos! I will be uploading the sets of my 3 other outfits next time! :D

So, what do you think of the wedges? Are you going to get a pair for yourself? Let me know!


  1. Love the outfit, the shoes and the wig!

  2. I really like your shoes! Usually that shade of hair colour looks old but you make it look good :D

  3. Rocking that hair colour again in this post! Really envious that you can pull off such a style!

    With love,