Monday, April 1, 2013

MaxStar + Choies Outfits

Wooot! I am just so excited to share with you my new favorite pair of shoes from MaxStar! It's also my first ever video review, so scroll down if you want to know more about these awesome shoesies! Before you get there though, let's have a rundown of my new clothing from my sponsors, Choies and Romwe!

Floral Print Overalls Choies
Cute Cats Jumper Romwe
MaxStar CN9 3-Belts Platform MaxStar
And the bow made by moi. :)

It's pretty weird sporting a short straight wig for this shoot! What do you think? XD

And again, I am so happy with my new lighting equipment! Shooting now is not so stressful since I know I have a nice source of lighting with or without the sun!

Outfit #2 is a a bit more of the punk style!

Bonerex Sweatshirt, Highwaist PU Shorts Choies
MaxStar CN9 3-Belts Platform MaxStar
Floral Band, made by me and will soon be available in my store!

And finally, the video!



  1. I love both outfits! You look really cute with the make-up (blush!) and the short wig :3 I liked the video review too ^_^

  2. You're rocking the hair colour! :D Really like your recent makeup styles too!

    With love,

  3. I couldn't tell that you used lighting equipment :P Really love your outfits as usual ;)

  4. the hair color suits you well! <3

  5. I love the wig! And those shoes