Tuesday, April 16, 2013

SheInside Giveaway

Oh my gosh! I had such a crazy, fun week over at Anime Conji but it's back to work now, especially when it comes to blogging duties! And what better to celebrate it with a giveaway, right? RIGHT!

First thing's first though, outfit rundown!

Kitty Dress from SheInside
Belly Button Wedges from Jessica Buurman
Blue Frilly Bow made by me, soon to be available in my store

Outfit #2

Pretty Girl Print Dress from SheInside
Belly Button Wedges from Jessica Buurman
Blue Frilly Bow made by me, soon to be available in my store

So, how was the shopping experience? SheInside let me choose from their huge selection of Best Sellers. The inventory is fresh and they always have variety of styles to choose! What's cool about them is that they have some dresses ready to ship within 24 hours. Free shipping takes about 10 days, per my experience. Also, customer service is really nice and gives prompt reply to your queries.

And yes, they were super nice enough to let me host a giveaway! Get a chance to win an 80$ gift card by joining this raffle:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Easy peasy! Goodluck! :D


  1. Great giveaway! I'm definitely joining! :)

    Some of the items I want are:

    Before I go crazy for more, I settle with these Top 5 Picks first hehe :)

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    How SheInside does their giveaways and my thoughts on their products ...

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    1. Haha that works! And thanks for letting me know, edited the instructions. :)

  2. I want the purple pink galaxy sleeveless dress,the black lace high low dress,and so much more,it's hard to pick

  3. Ooo, I love the kitty dress. c: Especially with that silver wig.

    1. Also, this is what I would get, since I forgot about this to enter the giveaway:


      And I'm pretty sure that's probably all I can get with the 80$. c:

  4. I love both outfits and also how you matched the bow to the eye colour of the cat in the first look. Very pretty :3

    And thanks for hosting the giveaway! If I would win, I would get some basic white tops as spring and summer are near, such as these:
    White Short Sleeve Symmetry Cats Print T-Shirt
    White Short Sleeve Deer Print Cotton T-shirt
    Though I also love their dresses and skirts!

  5. So lovely! The second dress is amazing <3

  6. I definitely like the kitty dress and anything else cat related! I've heard mixed reviews for she inside so a gift card would be a nice way to try them out.


  7. I would buy the Black Lace Long Sleeve Rose Print Chiffon Dress

  8. I want everything on the site. AMAZING clothing.

  9. Replies
    1. I quite like this one.


      It would be a nice lolita dress I think.

  10. The kitty dress looks really pretty. (*Q*)

    Should I win, i would want the following:
    - Black Split Sheer Chiffon Sleeve Cotton Dress
    - Apricot Sleeveless Lace Tie Embellished Chiffon Blouse
    - Black Long Sleeve Removable Tie Embellished Chiffon Blouse
    - Navy Plush Ball Knitted Hat.

    SheInside definitely has an awesome array of clothing and accessories. <3

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  13. Too many pretty stuff. *O*
    But I'll pick these based on the prices and the amount of gift card SheInside is giving away:

    Black Sleeveless Cat Face Print Pleated Dress
    White Long Sleeve Drawstring Clover Print T-Shirt
    White Half Sleeve Bandeau Hollow Lace Dress

  14. So much choice! If I win, I think I'll pick from these:
    -Pink Short Sleeve Crochet Collar Embroidered Flowers Dress
    -Pink Polka Dot Collar Lace Ruffles Pleated Dress
    -Pink Sleeveless Belt Deer Print Chiffon Dress
    -Pink V Neck Bow Ruffles Chiffon Dress (If it comes back in stock!)
    -Pink Round Neck Short Sleeve Lace Polka Dot Bow Cotton Dress (If it comes back in stock!)
    -Black Embroidered Cat Round Neck Loose Sweater

    I may have went a bit overboard. (^//^) They have a lot of cute stuff!

  15. Light Pink Short Sleeve Lace Pleated Chiffon Dress
    it reminds me of something daisy would wear

  16. I love it!
    - Black Embroidered Cat Round Neck Loose Sweater
    - Pink Round Neck and White Cross Pattern Jumper Sweater
    - Beige Rose Flowers Print Ripped Distressed Long Sleeve Jumper
    - Black Long Sleeve BOY Stars Print Sweatshirt
    - Beige Batwing Long Sleeve V-neck Cable Sweater
    - Blue Sleeveless Galaxy Cat Print Vest
    - Grey Sleeveless Cat Face Print Pleated Dress
    - Light Grey Short Sleeve Cat Face Print T-Shirt

  17. I woud love that adorable kitty dress!

  18. So many things to get hehe
    but just to name a few
    -Mint Green Sleeveless Pleated Belt Chiffon Dress
    -Black and White Vertical Stripe Elastic Pant
    -Apricot Vintage Round Neck Batwing Loose Sweater

  19. I've been wanting cat faces all over my clothing pieces haha!
    So I love that dress!

    As for the giveaway, I'd of course get a cat round neck sweater and a black hoodie coat I have ben eyeing :)

  20. Kitty dress and Kera Buckles Platforms in Blue

  21. Joining this contest! Looks fabulous! But I gotta say, there are too many things I want to list! lol :)

  22. I like Pink Sequined Shoulder Sleeveless Dipped Hem Dress

  23. I like the cat dress~ Cheryl hollaway

  24. Thanks for this awesome giveaway! If I were to win, I'd love to have the White Sleeveless Floral Bandeau Dress, or the Beige Lace Frill Sleeve Belt Chiffon fitted dress. Those two, or anything with cats!

  25. I have to say here too THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this give away!!
    I'm a big fan of your work and you! I admmire you so much! My dream is being alternative fashion designer.
    Have a nice day <3

  26. I would get the Beige Lace Frill Sleeve Belt Chiffon Pleated Dress and Black Long Sleeve Rhinestone Cross Chiffon Blouse

  27. I would definitely get myself that Black Sleeveless Cat Face Print Pleated Dress! I love cats and this design! XD
    I'd also get the White Sleeveless Bandeau Floral Tank Dress coz it looks vintage and dainty ^_^
    And the Red Vintage Half Sleeve Flare Short Dress for family occassions :)

  28. Wonderful! Most liked most of items! it was very hard to choose (I made 3 hours to choose!! x'D) and I tried very hard to make sure that I will not be very heavy for you at the same time, sorry if I don't help ^^'

    1- Khaki Long Sleeve Contrast Lace Epaulet Trench Coat.
    2- Black Vintage Cheongsam Lace Backless Dress.
    3- Nude Flowers Ruffles Striped Cotton Blends Dress.
    4- Teapot Cup Spoon Crystal Ring.

    Thank you very muuuuuch for this Great Giveaway :D

  29. If I win I will buy:
    -Navy Beige Striped Long Sleeve Chiffon Blouse
    -Black Lapel Long Sleeve Lace Embellished Blouse
    -Black Layered Crochet Gold Silk Embroidery Shorts
    -Beige Retro Style Lace Shorts

  30. GAH SO CUTE!!! So joining!!!

    My dreams~<3:

    I love the swingy vintage look ><

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!!!

    -Angie Duran

  31. Wow really beautiful! The dresses you make and the dress you model are extremely beautiful, I was glad I met you in person during AM'12!!! I cant wait to see more of your work!

  32. I'm dying for that blue bow and kitty dress combo!
    Definite first pick if I win!

  33. The Black Rivet Embellished Lapel PU Leather Jacket is so cute!

    Monica Meza xo

  34. The High waist Chiffon full-length skirt in red or dark blue
    The green elastic Waist Galaxy Bilayer Mesh Yoke skirt
    Or the White Sleevless Embroidery Chiffon Tank dress

  35. I'd pick Pink Sequined Shoulder Sleeveless Dipped Hem Dress
    Mint Green Sleeveless Pleated Belt Chiffon Dress
    and Beige Lace Frill Sleeve Belt Chiffon Pleated Dress

  36. I would definitely go for Purple Pink Dip Dye Long Sleeve Hollow Crochet Lace Blouse
    Purple Elastic Waist Mesh Yoke Flare Skirt
    Apricot Contrast Collar Short Sleeve Zipper Chiffon Blouse
    White Long Sleeve Bow Polka Dot Chiffon Blouse
    Black Long Sleeve Stars Print Silk Blouse
    And Apricot Sleeveless Lace Tie Embellished Chiffon Blouse

    Too many beautiful things!

  37. that cat dress is just so cute ♥♥

  38. Amazing!! By: Nana Mimi

  39. Very beautiful dress ~<3 I hope who ever wins it takes very good care of it and show it off as much as they can.

  40. 1. Coffee White Striped Long Sleeve Zipper Sweater
    2. White Sleeveless Bandeau Floral Tank Dress
    3. Retro Copper Strawberry Necklace


  41. I would love to get the Black lace collar long sleeve knit dress, the navy vintage bow dress with buttons, the butterfly printed ruffle v neck sleeveless dress, oh so many! ^^ They have such an amazing selection.

  42. Pretty Girl Print Dress,Kitty Dress,Gold Punk Bangle Cuff Bracelet Three Rings Set,White Vintage Unique Elegant Angel Wing Bracelet,WILMUR Peep Toe Platform Patent Leather Pumps,LINNE Suede Ankle Strap Peep Toe Wedges,

  43. In love with that kitty dress!
    If i won i would get:

  44. The second dress is beautiful !!

  45. They're both cool but I'd go with the Pretty girl print dress

  46. I would use it on a nice coat:
    Black Lapel Puff Sleeve Drawstring Waist Tweed Coat

    Or a couple nice dresses:
    Ivory Sleeveless Pleated Bandeau Chiffon Dress
    Pink Sleeveless Belt Deer Print Chiffon Dress

    With a nice statement necklace to top it off:
    Silver Hollow Out Flowers Chain Necklace

  47. I would love to get these:
    Black White Vertical Stripe Sleeveless Chiffon Blouse
    Pink Collarless Dipped Hem Long Sleeve Blouse with Front Pocket
    Apricot Sleeveless Butterfly Print Belt Chiffon Dress