Friday, May 17, 2013

Dolluxe Adventures

Yesterday I blogged about the new lashes I got from Dolluxe. Today I finally gave in and tried the beauties!

I used #1 Lashing Out Loud and #8 UnderLash B. The lashes came with glue but I stuck with my Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive. I wore my Pretty Crystal Grey lenses sponsored by Pinky Paradise for this look!

I've used super long lashes before from Diamond Lash and these Dolluxe #1 Lashing Out Loud lashes remind me so much of Diamond Lash's Angel Eye. As for the lower lashes, I haven't really used Dolly Wink but just by looking at them, Dolluxe's Underlash #8 remind me so much of Dolly Wink #6.

Unlike Diamond Lash though, these lashes did not feel as frail when I had to remove them from the package. Usually I need to be extra careful removing the lower lashes (with a tweezer) because they had the tendency to get stuck to the pack and errr...fall apart. Dolluxe's weren't as flimsy and for the first time, I enjoyed putting on lower lashes! I could easily remove and reposition the lashes without fearing that some parts would get left behind. The lash band for both styles is thin and flexible but comparatively stronger compared to Diamond Lash.

I wore both lashes for about five hours today. I expected the upper lash to get in the way as they were so long but they ended up feeling comfortable! I could say the same about the lower lashes. I still felt that they were there but they weren't as heavy as Diamond Lash's Princess Eye, which I have worn before.

Overall, I had fun with my new lashes! These gave me a droopy eyes even if I didn't use that much eyeliner. These definitely would look awesome with a full gyaru look! Surprisingly, the length was not off so I managed to wear both lashes without needing to clip them. I am going to try and do my tutorial tomorrow with the other styles! :)


  1. Omg they look so adorable!!! Now I wanna get some xP

  2. They are so cute! *^* The design of the bottom lashes is so pretty!

  3. These lashes look so nice! I love the design of both of them.

  4. They look so nice, but I think they cost more than Dolly Wink and Diamond Lash? By the sounds of it the quality and wearability is much better and the designs are unique and pretty! Think I might buy a few to try!

  5. Overall beautiful eye results :)
    Happy weekend dear!

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  6. Love the lashes :) The top and bottom go together really well!