Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Summer Lookbook + Dolldelight Designs 300$ GIVEAWAY

Here are some summer outfit ideas I put together from all the sponsored clothing I got this month!

Casual cute. Summer is all about fun, fun, fun! Here is a laidback look with a really colorful oversized shirt. And yeah, everyone could use a popsicle  or two in this warm weather.

Funny Popsicle Shirt, Floral Shorts from Choies; Brown Platform Booties from Jessica Buurman; White Wayfarers from Firmoo.

Sophistisexy. Celebrate the beach with this really cute midriff top. I paired it with my chiffon blazer for that extra flair!

Padded Chiffon Blazer, Floral Shorts from ChoiesBrown Platform Booties from Jessica Buurman; White Wayfarers from Firmoo; Floral Midriff Top from Romwe

Princess Pastel! Twirl in this flowy chiffon dress that is as is breezy as it is easy to wear. Match it with a belt for a finished look. 

Pink Chiffon Dress from SheInsideBrown Platform Booties from Jessica Buurman; Auburn Rhapsody Wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs.

Boho Beauty. You don't have to store your maxi dresses away this summer. Long dresses are perfect for a night time stroll in the beachside! 

Blue Boho Dress from SheInsideBrown Platform Booties from Jessica BuurmanAuburn Rhapsody Wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs

Clubbin' Cutie. Mini dresses are always in. Rock the night with this printed dress with adorable lettuce hem.

Pretty Girl Print Dress from Romwe; Nerdy Glasses from Firmoo Belly Button Lace Up Wedges from Jessica BuurmanAuburn Rhapsody Wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs

Nerdtastic.'Nuf said. 

BAM Shirt, Poofy Blue Skirt from RomweNerdy Glasses from Firmoo Belly Button Lace Up Wedges from Jessica BuurmanAuburn Rhapsody Wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs

By the way, the SheInside Giveaway is almost over! I will be announcing the winner in this video:

Did you win? If not, you've got another chance! My very own Dolldelight Designs store is having a giveaway where you could win 300$ shopping credit for rock d' rack items! Join here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

1. Take a photo in Romwe leggings if you have or post a screenshot of Romwe leggings on our website if you don’t have
2. Post with @romwe #romwemay “I’m xxx(name), I’m in xxx(city), I wear Romwe leggings”  on Instagram
3. Mark your location
4. Follow Romwe on Instagram
5. Expired time: 06/09/2013


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  2. (Pretty sure this is where I post it..)
    If I won, I'd definetly go straight for the poker dress :P

  3. If I won, I would like to get a hime bag, wedges, or bows.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! Good luck to everyone!

  4. first of all Good Luck everyone!

    now if i won i would probably go for the bunbun shirt, kitty wedges red, or the hime bag

  5. If I won this contest, I would LOVE to get:
    > Kawaii Hime Bag (both in black and khaki).
    > Liz Lisa Inspired Pumps.
    > Liz Lisa Inspired Wedges (in black).
    > Kitty Bag (in coffee).
    > Kitty Wedges (in red).

  6. If i won i would love the
    hime bag (in black)
    kitty wedges (in black)
    Liz Lisa Inspired wedges (in black)
    And a Kitty bag (in coffee) <3

    Gah i have been looking for those kitty bags all over. I may buy anyway if i don't haha ;v;

  7. If ever I win I would like to get the ff:

    - Liz Lisa Inspired Pumps (apricot)
    - Emma skirt
    - Kitty Bag in Beige
    - Kitty Wedges Magenta
    - Liz Lisa Inspired Wedges (Apricot)
    - Liz Lisa Inspired Wedges (Black)

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! God BLess!

  8. Hey,
    amazing outfits!
    I love it!


  9. Thanks for the giveaway!
    If I won I would definitely get the black kitty wedges! So cute :)

  10. Great giveaway! ^__^
    I loove those kitty wedges and t-shirt :)

  11. I really want to have the liz-lisa inspired wedges in apricot, the apricot pump, Pink Kawai Hime Bag, Black Kera crisscross platforms! :3

  12. Kitty Tail Tights
    Summer Candy Color Silicon watch
    Sweet Ice Cream Color Overall Dress
    Batwing Sweater
    Stay Cute Mermaid Crop Top
    Polka Skirt Shorts +Belt
    Cute Cat Face Shoes Wedges High Heels Platform Pumps
    Pink Polka Bow top

    All so pretty :3:3:3 ♥

  13. I would love to have that kawaii hime bag in green *o*

  14. Thanks for that giveaway <3

    I would like to have the black liz lisa inspired wedges and pumps , emma ,sakura bow , the cute hoodie (and the bun bun shirt) , if I win ! :3

    <3 Love your fashion

  15. I really am loving the black and wine velvety platforms, and also the kitty wedges! All incredibly cute ^^

  16. I would love to have:
    -the kawaii Hime Bag in Black (I'm in love *-*)
    -Liz Lisa Inspired Pumps (Apricot) (Soooo cute >.<~!)
    -The BunBun shirt, :3
    - The lavender floral bow.
    - And the adorable Kitty Wedges in Black <3

  17. If I won I'd love to have almost all of it! Haha
    But mostly:
    Bite Me Spiked Bow
    Kitty Wedges Black
    KERA Criss Cross Platforms
    and the Emma skirt

  18. I just don't know! I love so many of the bags!!:D

  19. If I won I would get the Kitty Wedges in Black, the Bite Me Spiked Bow, the Kitty Bag, and maybe the Gradient Kitty Hoodie. <3

  20. I have ALWAYS loved you bows so I would love to get a few of them! Also the hime bag & Kitty bag ~<3
    Jo Tokyo

  21. Rafflecopter Name: MONICA MEZA

    I am dying to have the kitten heels and the bow wedges is nude and black!

  22. I really love everything that you make and think it's all quite adorable!

    I hope to win and get some of your amazing items!

  23. I wish I could win! ^^
    everything's adorable...

    I'd choose the kitty wedges in black.
    the alice in musicland dress.
    liz lisa inspired wedges
    kawaii hime bag in green
    bunbun shirt!

    I love everything!

  24. this bag is super cute!: http://dolldelight.storenvy.com/products/1524757-kawaii-hime-bag-green

    hope I win :)

  25. your style is freaking awesome!! I love all of the kitty shoes and shirts the most!!

  26. Angellica TaylorMay 15, 2013 at 7:33 PM

    I would love to use the $200 towards buying the Letters to Venice Jumperskirt ❤

  27. I sooooo want to win! I'm trying to build up my japanese inspired wardrobe and accessory collection ^_^

    I'd definitely go for the bunny shirt, beige kitty wedges, and pink kawaii hime bag, and much more~ everything's so cute ♥

  28. If i were to win i'd get the bunbun shirt, Gradient Mint Kitty Hoodie and the Liz Lisa Inspired Wedges

  29. If I won I would LOVE to get Belly Button Lace Up Wedges from Jessica Buurman, Brown Platform Booties from Jessica Buurman, and Blue Boho Dress from SheInside <3

  30. I would get the Bunbun shirt, the black Liz Lisa inspired wedges, the Emma skirt and two of the Hime bags. So cute! <3

    Good luck everyone! :D

  31. I love all the kawaii cat shoes, ahhh~~♥

  32. Honey Roses Purse
    Kitty Royalty
    Kitty Bag
    Liz Lisa Inspired Wedges ...

    i'd love to get these things :)

  33. If I won this contest, I would LOVE to get:

    *Kawaii Hime Bag (Pink)
    *Kawaii Hime bag (Black)
    *Kitty Wedges Red
    *Liz Lisa Inspired Pumps (Apricot)
    *Kitty Bag

  34. If I won this contest, I definitely have my eye on:
    - Kera CrissCross Platforms (in navy and wine)
    - Kawaii Hime Bag (pink or green)
    - Kitty bag (black)
    - Bunbun shirt
    - Kitty Wedges

    c: <3

  35. Kitty Wedges Apricot
    Sugar Sugar Bonnet
    Sugardoll Sundae
    Honey Roses Purse
    Lavender Floral Bow
    KERA CrissCross Platforms
    Kitty Bag
    Kitty Royalty
    Gradient Mint Kitty Hoodie
    Kawaii Hime Bag (Pink)

  36. If I'd win, I'd definitely get some shoes (I'm in desperate need for some nice shoes)
    I'd probably get: Kitty Wedges Black and/or Red, and Liz Lisa Inspired Wedges Apricot and/or Black.

    The Kawaii Hime Bad is also super cute, I'd want that one as well (Khaki or Pink)

    (Also, the Bun Bun Shirt and the Kitty Bag are very good choices as well)

  37. I'd love to win
    the pink kawaii hime bag
    the kitty royalty top
    the chocolate kitty bag (I like cats okay)
    the black kitty wedges

  38. If I won I'd love to get:
    the kawaii hime bag in green
    the liz liza inspured wedges apricot and back
    and the BunBun Shirt

  39. If I won I would love to get letters to venice jumper or a pair of black wedges, kitty bag, kitty hoodie and the kick ass mario shirt

  40. On the off chance that I win, I'd get the blue + black KERA criss cross platforms (which are absolutely ADORABLE), Kitty Royalty dress/shirt, BunBun shirt, and the Apricot Kitty Wedges.

    Ah, if only i could win ;o;

  41. if I won, I'd so get the Kawaii Hime Bag(pink), the Burning Skull Pullover, BunBun Shirt,Emma skirt and Kick Ass Mario shirt! :3 so cute!

  42. If I won I'd looooove to get:

    ♥KERA CrissCross Platforms Blue♥
    ♥Honey Roses Purse♥
    ♥Liz Lisa Inspired Pumps (Apricot)♥
    ♥BartMan Top♥
    ♥Kawaii Hime Bag (Green)♥

  43. If I won I'd want to get the pink hime bag, the KERA CrissCross Platforms Red, the Kitty Wedges Black and the Kitty Royalty top ^-^

  44. If I won I am most definitely looking forward to getting

    *The Kera Krisscross in Black and also blue definitely : )
    *The Kawaii Hime bag (pink)
    *Liz Lisa Inspired Pumps (Apricot)
    *The Kitty Wedges (Black)

  45. Good luck to everyone who enters!
    Though if I'd won, I'd definitely try to get the poker gently dress! Or the kawaii hime bag (pink), the kitty bag, the wild card bow B, the kitty wedges red, the gradient mint kitty hoodie, the bunbun shirt, and the frilly bow (lavender) ^_^

  46. If I won, I would get the pink hime bag, Liz Lisa inspired pumps, kitty wedges in black, kera criss cross platforms in wine, and the kitty royalty tank top :)

  47. If I won I would buy the Kawaii Hime Bag in pink or black, the Gradient Mint Kitty hoodie,Emma and the Kitty wedges black because those would be my first heels ^.^ and because it's cat :3

  48. If I won I would buy the Kawaii Hime Bag in pink or black, the Gradient Mint Kitty hoodie,Emma and the Kitty wedges black because those would be my first heels ^.^ and because it's cat :3 sorry the link of my other comments didn't work >.>'

  49. The bags and the velvety wedges are amazing!

  50. These are all things that scream ME. I don't have many nice clothes, most of them are old and have holes in them. I think being cute, and owning some VERY UNIQUE clothing would be AWESOME. :) I'll take what I can get! <3 Hugs Cyril!!!

  51. I would totally get the pink chiffon dress n.n

  52. So cute, loving the wedges, the kitty purses. I also loved the Princess pastel dress,
    Woooouuuuuld want : P

  53. I'm loving everything in the shop!

  54. If I won, I would get Liz Lisa Inspired Wedges (Apricot and Black), Kitty Wedges Black and Kitty Bag coffee.

    Good luck to everyone =)

  55. If I win, I will definitely get the kitty royalty and the kitty wedge because I love cat

  56. I DEFINITELY have my eyes on those cat shoes *w*, the KERA platforms, and the Hime Bag <3 :3

  57. If I win, I would like to have:
    -spike hollow heels(black)/spiked heel booties
    -kawaii hime bag(green)
    -liz lisa inspired wedges (apricot)
    -sakura bow
    -kitty bag
    -kitty wedges apricot

    This so Awesome!I love it talaga :>

  58. Thank you for holding this lovely contest!
    I would definitely get the spiked heels, wedges and the Hime bag!!
    just lovely! <3

  59. Such adorable outfits! You're so beautiful love!
    Thank you for the contest, I hope I win! :3
    If I won, I would HAVE to get the kitty wedges, kera criss cross platforms, kitty royalty tee, and the green kawaii hime bag!

  60. Thank you for this giveaway ^-^
    I would love to get the Kawaii Hime Bag in pink and green and the Kitty Wedges in black!

  61. Ammi Rose GuelzowMay 21, 2013 at 10:51 AM

    I keep coming back here, not just because I want to win this, but because the clothes are just so cute :3 I really hope I do win, because I really need new clothes. ;'(

  62. Ammi Rose GuelzowMay 21, 2013 at 10:52 AM

    These are all things that scream ME. I don't have many nice clothes, most of them are old and have holes in them, just don't fit me at all. :'( I think being cute, and owning some VERY UNIQUE clothing would be AWESOME. :) I'll take what I can get! <3 Hugs Cyril!!!

  63. I love your things! If ever I win, I'll get:
    ~` Liz Lisa Inspired Wedges Apricot
    ~` Kawaii Hime Bag in Pink or in Green
    ~` Kitty Wegdes in Black
    ~` Kitty Bag

    ~` Gradient Mint Kitty Hoodie

  64. Thank you for holding a giveaway! :)

  65. lets see... if i win the giveaway, i would want:

    batman black leggings, star print coffee leggings, cut out black lace leggings, dual tone black red leggings.

    cat face white dress,sleeveless cat faced dress, black splicing hollow shift dress, black kitty dress, rose deco dress,

    retro printing dress, lace floral dress.

    pink horse shirt, black mustache shirt,union jack black midriff shirt, cream flying bird blouse, color block fake two piece shirt, black ribbon white shirt, rivet embellished shirt, triangle cut out black shirt, heart cut out black shirt, feminine bow knot blouse navy blue.

    there is a lot more haha but that's mainly all the stuff i like >_<

  66. I love your shop! I will get some cute shoes, and the beautiful mint bag.

  67. Aichan KogumazakaMay 27, 2013 at 6:08 PM

    I'm always excited seeing you in different styles. . I so LOVE you!!! <3

  68. i would be happy with anything to be honest. i've liked your designs for a while now~ ♥♥♥

  69. I actually had a hard time deciding which stuff to get if ever I won a $200 shopping spree for your store. I just wanted to buy everything with it! :))

  70. Rhea MontehermosoMay 28, 2013 at 12:51 AM

    omg! all the things in the shop are so CUTE and Awesome! I wish and hope that I will win. It's my first time to join, I wish I would win. I want something cute in my closet. LURVE IT! :> *HOPE SO* *HOPE SO*

  71. I would love to have the grungy rockish platform booties! They really make a statement! Of course the very cute bags there too!

  72. OMG!! What a brutal giveaway!!! :____D I'll spend the coupon in all the shoes from your store!! :D

  73. Everything is so adorable and perfect, it would be harder to choose what NOT to get!

  74. Jess Circus ÖverkillMay 29, 2013 at 6:56 PM

    I looooooooove EVERYTHING Doll Delight <3 <3 <3 I'm toooooooo excited to find out who wins !!! Your clothes are TO DIE FOR. <3 =^.^=

  75. Jess Circus ÖverkillMay 29, 2013 at 8:09 PM

    You are crazzzzzzy gorgeous, deff going to buy some of these clothes I'm in LOVE ! <3 :)

  76. If I were to win the giveaway, I would first get Kawaii Hime Bag (Pink) for my boyfriend's sister because she loves pink & she loves bows, so it would be perfect for her. Next, I would get Liz Lisa inspired pumps and also Liz Lisa inspired wedges, since they are too cute to pass up. Spiked Heel Booties are cute, looks just like the pair of studded shoes my sister has that I borrowed once for a fashion show.. Lolol. If I had the money, I would spend so much at your store, but I'm currently on a budget so I can go on vacation and visit my family. :D

  77. Rhea MontehermosoMay 30, 2013 at 2:27 AM

    Omg! Soo Cute! I love it so much! :D *Hoping*

  78. What an awesome giveaway! I love EVERYTHING in your shop!
    If I win I'd like to have:

    Spiked Heel Booties (Black)
    Spiked Hollow Heels (Black)
    Bunny Wedges (Black)
    Kitty Royalty

    I reeeeeally wish I will win! ♥ Hugs honey, you're so beautiful and I wish you all the fortune of this world!

  79. Good luck to everybody, these clothes are sooo super cutie! :3

  80. What i would really want would be the kitty bag~ and the kitty wedges..

    i'm a cat lady ಥ‿ಥ

  81. these are my top picks:
    -KERA CrissCross Platforms
    -Spiked Hollow Heels(black)
    -Union Jack Backpack
    -Bunny Wedges (black)
    -Kitty Wedges(black)
    -Furry Panda Bag
    -Kawaii Hime Bag (black)


  82. I want a cat face shoes and dress, platforms, boots, flats, black and white stuffs. Ahhhh everything is awesome. I super love it.

  83. I love the japanese inspired items such as the Liz lisa inspired pumps,Liz lisa ispired wedges, bow belted shorts(apricot), Kawaii Hime Bag (green & pink) ,lace crochet vest (tassle) & (Doilie) , bunny wedges in black, piano wallet in black and the suspender skirt in purple. I wish that I can wear them someday when I go to JAPAN!! and also the funky and sort of edgy items such as the Spiked heel boots(black), kitty wedges in apricot & black,
    kitty royalty, Bartman top

    Looks like Im in love with with most of your items !!!! love them <3 !!!!

  84. Ugh I wanna win this so badly ;_; I'm a little insecure about myself, always have been but what I like about these clothes is that I feel like anyone could wear them with a smile and feel like the cutest woman in the world ^^

  85. Sooooo many awesome things, it's hard to choose!








  86. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE all your outfits <3 I hope I win <3 Good Luck Everyone <3

  87. thank you for this giveaway !!! I love you all your outfits <3 I hope I win :)

  88. Dying to get a pair of your Liz Lita inspired Pumps ;_;

  89. Rhea MontehermosoJune 5, 2013 at 10:37 PM

    So many cute stuffs! I love it! Hope I can win.

  90. Honestly I Want It All! <3

  91. If I win the giveaway, I'd definitely get the starry dress! I'm a total sucker for stars. uvu )

  92. I love everything because it's so summer friendly, pretty, cool colors and it really stands out with it's uniqueness which I need so badly right now due to being a first year University Fashion student. So nervous about my first year of college so having an amazing woredrobe would really give me something to look forward to since I'm so broke in debt with tuition LOL! <3 Great clothes and you look kawaii des su! Thanks for the giveaway ^_^/

  93. Elizabeth Fech. mew mew mewJune 6, 2013 at 9:08 PM

    just thought i would give it a try sense i never win anything anyway :p

    but i've known you for a long time now and i know your work is A+++++


    <3 ya and its nice to see a good person grow in this world

  94. Entered the giveaway.

  95. The star dress is very cute, I'd totally use my money on it! :D

  96. Jay Vi LioncourtJune 7, 2013 at 7:05 AM

    A chance to win the super cute bag? HELL YEAH!

  97. Rhea MontehermosoJune 11, 2013 at 10:51 PM

    Ang Daming Cute!

  98. Agghhh! These outfits and accessories are too kyuute!!! Love your fashion Cyril! <3
    (btw- to enter the giveaway, can you just use your email? I don't have a Facebook.)

  99. if i could win, i just only want the kitty tight.scallop skort and the bear hoodie with ears. i really want to have that faboulous clothes.. im hoping that even not now. i will be choose i will just wait to happen..

  100. Lameshame.tumblr.comJuly 21, 2015 at 2:50 PM

    Everything is your store is just so precious it is hard to decide what I would want!

    I know I would definitely get:

    - Kawaii Hime bag in Black & Pink/Green<3
    - Liz Lisa inspired Wedges in Black<3
    - Liz Lisa Inspired Pumps (apricot!) <3

    I'm crossing my fingers! > u< and Im excited to see new things added to your store!

  101. I'd love to pick up some bags. Sadly, my feet are too big for any of your shoes. ;_____;

  102. I would love to get the Kitty Bag, the Emma Skirt, and gradient kitty sweater

  103. I looooove everything about dolldelight. She is very cute and I love her style. ^^ I am half japanese but I live in the Philippines. I really want to go to Japan because the fashion there is so unique. :) I've seen gyaru style and harajuku style on NHK World channel, And there fashion is sooooo cute! I really like it.

    I've entered on other giveaway before but I didn't win :( , so hopefully I can win this. I will keep coming back here. :) I really want to get new cute stuffs. :)

    Goodluck for us everyone who joined this giveaway. ^^

  104. I want all your store! Omg, everything is so cute *0*

    I wish I could win:

    Kawaii Hime bag in khaki
    Bartman Top
    Kitty Wedges in black
    Kera CrissCross Platforms in black
    Kitty Royalty