Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wind Symphony

I finally got to doing my first ever transformation video!

I wore the kimono set I made ages ago, Wind Symphony. It has been sold to a very good client-model-friend so I decided to say my farewell and make the best reminder I could! I also took the chance to feature Dolluxe, the new lash brand I have been raving about

I wore Harajuku Honey and Underlash B. It's my second time to wear the underlashes but they still feel as strong! I would probably be investing on these instead of Diamond Lash Princess Eye. I've worn Princess Eye before and I just could not be careful enough in handling them. XD I only wear them for special events and I usually end up feeling too tired to properly remove them so, they only last for a one time use. I am definitely sticking to Dolluxe Underlash B!

As for Harajuku Honey, my only problem it is that it tends to look shiny/velvety in bright light. I guess since the design is wispy, the lashes do reflect enough light to make them shine. I prefer the straight to the point, spiky and spaced lashes like Dolluxe's Lashing Out Loud and Diamond Lash's Angel Eye.

I could not take good enough photos to show Harajuku Honey when worn, but if you watch the video I posted above, you could see that they resemble shironuri artist, Minori's lashes! 

Wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs; shoes from Jessica Burman.

Both lashes were comfortable though and I did enjoy wearing them! I am going to be doing a gyaru transformation next as I need to part with the dress soon, too.

Anyway, what do you think of Wind Symphony? I do want to get back to making more kimono-inspired pieces but I already have a super looong list of things I want to make. XD


  1. Omg when you opened up the kimono sleeves and popped out that was so adorable and funny xD haha

    1. I didn't know whether I'd delete that or not but bwahahaha XD I had fun doing it, so... XD

  2. Watched it on youtube! Really amazing Cyril :)

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  3. Ohhh you're so beautiful! I'm very fond of the lashes, maybe I'll try them too, they just look gorgeous :D

  4. really beautifull! i love kimono..are so gorgeus*_*!!you're really beautifull..i follow you now^_^!!!


  5. Really loving the eye make ((: The kimono is lovely!

  6. You are so cute!That makeup and clothes looks great on you :3