Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Birthday Adventures

I've been so lucky to meet the awesomest of friends! For my birthday, Christy and her Mom took me out for food and movies. I also had my boyfriend around. We all went to Irvine Spectrum!

I can't believe that I actually didn't take any food photos during the trip. I guess I was just so hungry to pay attention to anything else. XD But yeah, we had yummy dim sum and dumplings over at Capital. Then we went to see Man of Steel. I'm not going to be writing a movie review here but I did like it. It was the break I needed. lol

Anyway, we stopped by the cupcake place next to Edward's. It was Casey's Cupcakes and my, was the shop so cute!

Yeah, there were 3-4 of this fancy chandelier!

 Even the chocolate chip on the cupcake had this cute little logo of the shop!
I wanted to show them this other cute shop so we went to Artbox. I usually could go in there, look, admire, and go out without buying anything but not on that day. I haven't really bought any fashion things since I get clothing from my sponsors. I often feel guilty spending when I know I could them from free but I guess I caved in. It was my birthday anyway. lol

I just had to get this hat.
And this, too.
It was too cute plus I could use it when sewing/serging so I don't inhale fabric shreds. SERIOUSLY. lol
This really caught my eye the moment I walked in the store. I need it for traveling, pretty good size for carry-on, hehe.
So yeah... I spent that much for the Artbox things. XD The rest of the day, movies and food, it was Christy, Pam, and Ant's treat. I really had a great time. I go to a lot of conventions and even fly to places but I hardly go out of the house on normal days because I don't drive (yet) so I felt really lucky that I had friends  who wanted to take me out! :)

And just the thought of having friends... Well, if I haven't told you yet, I moved to the US two years ago. It's been hard since I am shy and really not that out-going. My brother and I share the same personality and we would often refer to ourselves as hikikomori. lol It really is just nice to have a friend friend, you know?

Christy's gift! I have been consuming them. Chocolates are best for menstrual cramps!


  1. AW. >_< I'm right with you. On every detail--er, besides the free stuff sponsor stuff :D
    I'm shy too. :S and chocolate. i'm eating some now! 8D and i can't drive. @_@ hehehe thankfully i'm in new york... my siblings though are more outgoing than me, but my boyfriend and i both keep to ourselves, maybe him more so than me. :0

  2. The cupcake place looks so cute :3 I love all the stuff you got, the caps are great & the bag and mouth cap are so cute. Ah, I know what it's like being shy and feeling like a hikikomori ^^'

  3. Wow, that cupcake place looks super cute (and yummy!) And that purple hat is amazing - I'm a tiny bit jealous, haha.
    I'm so glad I'm not the only person who can't drive! I'm always super embarassed to tell people. I'm glad you've found good friends though - they make everything better.
    Happy belated birthday!

  4. Wow great post! I really like the hats they look soo cute and the cupcakes look amazing!! <3

  5. Happy birthday love! Hope you had lots of fun!! Both of you are adorable!!