Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dolly Dynamite

It's just sad how things are turning in terms of my health. I recently found out that I might have Graves' or Hashimoto's or both. To make things worse, I've heard some crap about me again, and it's from our favorite blahblahblah community. I usually would not write something about this, but I guess it would help to finally express how I absolutely hold no interest in becoming part of it. I have never really, anyway. But once in a while, I end up being talked about as if I were truly a part of it. How ironic. I do like the fashion but I've never really seen it necessary to be part of a community, especially one that spends time making and posting hate. (The first time I told my boyfriend about it, he was so confused as to how something so seemingly innocent as a fashion would have all the unnecessary, childish drama.) I would rather have friends. And yes, like what I've told my friends, I am only part of that community when they have something negative to talk about me. I do know a few nice ones who've always had my back and for that I am extremely grateful.

The worst part of it is these people who have so much to say hardly know anything about what is happening in my life. I am sick. It might be an autoimmune disease. And I guess what depresses me most is that no one knows how to cure autoimmune diseases just yet. Whatever the doctors could give me, it would be simply to alleviate the symptoms. What's more important is that I have read how emotional stress triggers this kind of ailment. So I am really sorry, but now I am going to write as much as I want and sometimes it won't be that nice. I want to let it all out this time. I want to be honest with how I really feel.

BUT, just as negative feelings impact the immune system, happy thoughts and being positive is said to help the body become better. So yes, expect to read a lot about my life aspirations, things that bring me joy, and people that make my life a lot better. 

To start, I've recently decided to focus on reselling in my store Dolly Dynamite. I have a huge need and want for shoes because I always want the perfect footwear for my dresses! And that is why you would find tons of them in my store. Another is cute clothing! I make my dresses but who could resist the cute suspender skirt and Mario jumpershorts I have below? I couldn't! And I just had to share.

Outfit Breakdown:
Loose Simpson White T-shirt 22.99$ Romwe
Suspender Skirt (Purple) 25$ Dolly Dynamite
Heart Creeper Platforms (White) 50$ Dolly Dynamite
Kitty Tights 15$ Dolly Dynamite

I finally got to wear the hat I got from Artbox last time! :D Also, the wig is a white Rhapsody wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs which I hand dyed to this lilac brown color.The lashes are from Dolluxe.

The store has really helped me pay the medical bills. I still am working on my client commissions, but I am a lot slower now due to fatigue... I am glad I could earn a bit and be able to afford the doctor. Yeah, and if you're wondering, I don't have health care. So there. :x

I really look forward to getting better though! Plus my MechaCon fashion show is coming up. I have invested in footwear (which you could find in my shop) to use for the fashion show. It's an entirely new collection. Slowly working on it...hopefully I finish in time.


  1. I looove your style ;A; you're gorgeous!

  2. It's very unfortunate that even in our 20's people still feel the need to act like children and be super bitchy... i thought people grew out of that in their teenage years eh? D: Don't let people get you down, seriously. Life is too short :)

    Can i just express how much i love that lilac skirt and hat... wow ♥ Your store is amazing!

    Hoping you feel better soon bb~

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  3. The first cap is so cute! And I'm in love with the stockings! Also, I've never been part of a community but I've heard of how things are in some of them and it's quite unpleasant :(

  4. The point of fashion is expressing yourself. I hate when people who are supposedly joining together to celebrate a certain type of style just spread elitism and negativity that puts a damper on things. I really believe you have a unique sense of style and you will be successful. I think people just don't like when people are trying to reinvent or make a new aesthetic within an existing one, so the first natural reaction is for people to hate on it.

    As for autoimmune disorders, my mother has one and you have to be strong. You will get through it! I know being chronically ill myself, that negativity just feeds the problem, so keep your head up :).

  5. i have hashimotos disease and i know it is very hard to deal with, and you will likely have to watch your stress levels for the rest of your life, but with proper care, diet, and medication life can still be very close to normal. you will feel better. <3