Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sponsored: SheInside + Choies + Jessica Buurman

Boring title is boring... I know. But I just need to publish these photos and send them to the sponsors.

Outfit Breakdown:

Wearing Glasses Rabbit 23.99$ Romwe (it's currently out of stock, but this one is similar.)
Light Blue Dungarees 24.43$ SheInside
Lace Ankle Socks 15$ Dolly Dynamite
Triple Bow Doll Platforms 45$ Dolly Dynamite
Cat Ears dolldelight/Dolly Dynamite
Bear Hat  19.99$ Romwe

Outfit Breakdown
Apricot Crochet Dress 35.65$ She Inside
Kitty Purse 41.99$ Choies
Yuta Transparent Bag 89$ Jessica Buurman
Lace Ankle Socks 15$ Dolly Dynamite
Dainty Bow Oxfords 45$ Dolly Dynamite

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