Saturday, August 3, 2013

NeoClassic Brown

Photographed my new dress along with my new wig sponsored by Gothic Lolita Wigs!
Upperlash: Whiplash Attack
Lowerlash: Underlash B
Dress: still unnamed ahhh 

What do you think should I name the dress? I need to come up with a name to introduce it with during the MechaCon fashion show!


  1. Name it Sweet Whisper of Delight & then please let me purchase that gorgeous gem from you!! I'm in looooove <3 Thank you for posting such lovely photos :3

  2. Aww still naming it, I see! : D
    I'm excited to know what name this lovely dress will have. They certainly are like children! :> I am getting excited thinking about it.

    It seems difficult to come up with a name! :> Maybe, while looking at the names that everyone has provided, you should flip a coin or something to decide because they say that you suddenly realize what you want as the coin flips...

    Sweet Whisper of Delight sounds lovely to me. : )...but then...I also really liked some of the names that other people proposed too...I haven't thought hard enough about it.

  3. I think of moon princess when I look at this dress! *_* it's so pretty OMG u want it!

  4. Romance With Roses

  5. Estonia milk maid

  6. Princess of Estonia! M

  7. This dress is goooorgeous! I'm not very good at names, sorry D: I love your make-up too, it looks so soft and pretty :3