Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Angel Puff

Decided to a quick cult party kei shoot for my dress Angel Puff! I had to get the photos done for the press release so unfortunately, I did not take photos wearing the angel shoes, but definitely next time! I feel like I am and would be rushing a lot of things as I prepare for a new convention guesting in Mexico for Expo TNT. It's my first time to get flown to a different country! While it is fun and exciting, I feel extra pressured. I want to create another new collection for the fashion show, along with dresses bearing the first every dolldelight print. I want to prepare enough merchandise to sell too. And more importantly, I want to be able to speak a bit of Spanish! My plan now is to study/listen to Spanish lessons via my iPad as I sew. I already made an introductory clip to be shared with the convention but I feel like I am pronouncing it all weird... Wish me luck!

By the way, the wig is Farrah Ingenue sponsored by Gothic Lolita Wigs.


  1. estaras tan cerca de mi y yo no podre ir ;-;
    I love this dress your creations its amazing... regards from mexico

  2. What a lovely dress and you look so beautiful. The wig and the make-up (the high blush) suit you really well. <3

  3. So pretty, I love the addition of the mask and your makeup <3

    Cute to the Fashion

  4. Reminds me a little bit of the bolivian chola women, maybe because of the puffy dress and the hair piece. Lovely.