Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Of Boobies & Booties

I finally did some cute lingerie shopping!

I've not been feeling myself lately and I guess I just want to feel...cute? Ahhh I don't know! What I do know is that I have the habit of splurging on myself when I am feeling extremely down.

But anyway, here are some cute lingerie finds. The first one with the rose was sold out before I could get it but it's too cute not to include in this photoset. I will be talking to the seller if we could arrange something so I could carry these babies in my store Dolly Dynamite.

Which are your faves? :D


  1. I love them all! Fave is the rose one though. It's a shame they probably won't have my size.

  2. Where can we find/buy these?!

  3. they are beautiful! *O* I would love it if you could sell them! :3

  4. I love the first 3 sets, but they really are all lovely!

    If you sold them I'd definitely buy from you without a doubt :3 Does taobao sell them?

  5. First ones!! Gotta get them!!

  6. Waaah~ ♥ ♥ ♥
    Everything looks so cute and dreamy!

    I would love to wear super cute lingerie, but it's really hard for me to get cute ones because of my very small bust size. :(

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

  7. These are all so cute! The ones in the fourth picture are my favorite, so cute with the big ribbons. <3