Thursday, November 21, 2013

Juizy Woozy: Giveaway

A while back, Juizy Woozy messaged me if I was interested in their products. They are an Indonesian brand that caters to Kawaii and Harajuku fashion. I immediately fell in love with all the cute graphic art of their clothing items!

Here are some of the samples posted in their Facebook page:

Aside from clothing, they also do custom shoe-painting!

Not only the items are cute, but the packaging as well!

I would really love to visit their shop in Indonesia one day!

For now, I will be enjoying Juizy Woozy as a crucial part of my wardrobe. Here are three of the five items they sent me: collar, t-shirt, and bunny bag!

Oh yes, there's a giveaway for the Bunny Bag! JOIN NOW!

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