Friday, April 4, 2014

Golden Girls

Last Pacific Media Expo 2013, I was able to do a shoot with one of my dolldelight models, Jessie Lee. It was after the fashion show for PMX.

Jessie Lee was wearing Scarlet Medallion and I was wearing Lumiere. Both dress sets were made by me. I can't quite describe the dresses but I had both dolly kei and Lolita in mind.

She was wearing the Classic Mixed Brown x Black and I was Curly Bob Light Blonde, both from Gothic Lolita Wigs.

Photography was by official dolldelight photographer, Erskine Noel.


  1. Very beautifully detailed masterpieces...

  2. Nice photoshoot and dresses <3

  3. you both look stunning and cute in that outfit <3


  4. important question!

    where do I find these fabrics with those silhouette, chandelier and gold printing on it?