Friday, May 2, 2014

MYX TV: I'm Asian American and... Promo

Just a few days from now and my episode in MYX TV's newest documentary show, "I'm Asian American and" will be airing!

This episode was this year's first project. I was contacted by the producer way back in January. We had most of the filming finished  within two days! I am happy to be able to share my experience as an immigrant living the American dream.

The episode includes the story behind my brand, dolldelight, and its lovely dolls.

It would give the audience a look at how we prepare for fashion shows.

I have included about 10 dresses from my own collection!

Finally, we had to talk a bit about cyber-bullying.

I have posted about this in my social networks and I have come to know how most folks from the Lolita community are already ranting about it. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, I honestly just wish they would give the episode a chance. All I have shown is the trailer and yet a lot of assumptions have already been made.

I and my team worked hard to share our experience while keeping in mind that this is NOT going to be another episode of My Strange Addiction for the simple reason that we do not consider dressing up and alternative fashion as either strange or addictive. I hope the audience would realize that in sharing our experiences, we understand that what we do may or may not be similar to what others do. That said, we neither aim nor claim to solely represent any community, be it Lolita or any fashion subculture.