Thursday, May 22, 2014

Olivia's Dollhouse Tea Room

I and the dolls did another documentary on doll fashion for E! Entertainment. We were invited by Emily Smith aka dollylunalovely to be part of her episode. We dressed up the host of the show in dolldelight and Gothic Lolita Wigs, both also worn by my models. We are not allowed to tell the show just yet but for sure, I would be updating you guys about it!

We did the filming in a super cute place - Olivia's Dollhouse Tea Room in Thousand Oaks. 

I wore a new dress I made! It was inspired by Marie Antoinette. I also made matching bows for the shoes! Gothic Lolita Wigs also sent me a bunch of new wigs. For this outfit, I wore the base of the Baby Doll chocolate brown.

Ahhh, I just really love the place! Hopefully we could do a photoshoot there next time!


  1. All the outfits are so cute <3 can't wait to watch it (: if I can ever get my hands on the show XD

  2. So beautiful everything :D

  3. i like that you have been including young women of other ethnicities. would ever choose a dark skinned African American girl as a model? I am a dark skinned African American doll, and I am friends with many other dolls of darker skin tones. I love with you do but my demographic seems to always feel excluded from the masses. would you ever use an African American girl to change that, particularly one with dark chocolate skin?