Saturday, June 7, 2014

TLC My Strange Addiction: I'm a Living Doll

As Emily aka Luna Lovely fondly calls it, this show was a hot mess. But since this was the first time I had my work televised in national TV, I'm still thankful for being part of the show. I and my models were part asked to join Emily's tea party. She wore a dress I made called Angel Puff. Stephanie , Christy, and Sabrina were also wearing dresses made by me.

Photos by Erskine Noel:

That said, we absolutely hate how we were never informed by the production team that this was going to be for My Strange Addiction. That is why I agreed to do a documentary for another network, MYX TV. I and the girls were hoping to provide a more positive light on dressing up and doll fashion.


  1. I'm inspired by your work <3 And I love how unique and charming you and all your models are. It seems like a dream: beautiful dolls from different backgrounds. And I was surprised people leave such horrible messages to you. Being a true Lolita isn't about being fair skinned: it is about being a Lolita at heart, and all your girls and yourself have got that! I think if people criticize your inspiring work, or you or your beautiful models is probably because they are afraid of being who they truly are and following their dreams. I bet many of them would like to be wearing your dresses, but they themselves don't think they are good enough. I believe hurtful comments come from hurt hearts. I hope you keep strong and keep on shinning even more, because what the world needs is inspiring people like you!

  2. It is so shitty how they didn't even inform you about where the content was going. Ugh. I guess ride the tide as best you can, Cyril. Cheers.

  3. Soooo lovely, I like. You really like a doll<333

  4. Who made Emily's necklace? The glass pearl necklace seen with the white dress? (It's also on during the tea party.) Beautiful.