Sunday, August 30, 2015

Intro to INM Nails

I have recently been introduced to the nail industry, all thanks to INM Nails!

Truth be told, my nails are the last thing I think about when I dress up. It's not that I don't want cute, colorful nails to complete my look, it's more of a matter of convenience! Since I do so much with my hands (crafting and hand sewing accessories) I most often than not, end up with sad, cracked nails. And when you have my nails, it's just difficult to make them all pretty, when firstly, they have to be healthy!

But I'm soon changing that! I have been so fascinated with the nail art industry. Everyone is getting so creative with their nails right now. Ever since I started doing my own fashion shows, I have always wanted to match my models' nails to their dresses. And I would soon be trying that out myself this coming Pacific Media Expo.

For now I'm going to grow and nourish my nails with these nail oils from INM. I have these in bottles as well, but I thought I'd show you how convenient it is to carry around and use them in their pen version.

These are simply so handy. They fit into my purse perfectly. I could just pop them out and use them whenever I find the time. The slanted tip makes for a very easy and mess-free application.

Did you know that this cuticle pen smells so good? It has a whiff of vanilla to it. INM Nails offers cuticle oils in a variety of scents.

My nails badly needed some pampering, as I have been hand-sewing a bonnet. I tried out these products today, along with the mirror finish nail shiner! I couldn't believe how something as simple as a nail file could bring super shine to my nails. It only took two steps to do it, and in a matter of seconds, you get super glossy nails! They are at such an awkward length and shape right now, so the shine definitely makes them look a little decent:

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