Friday, September 4, 2015

PMX Casual Outfits

Decided to get some quick snaps of my casual outfits for PMX

Top and Bunny bag were sponsored by Juizywoozy. Suspender skirt from Dolly Dynamite.

The super cute shoes were from the Philippines! I forgot the brand name, but the seller said these were actually made here in California. They have insoles so they do give a bit of height.

I am skipping the tights for the weekend, as I'm expecting warm weather. I will be dressed up in casual kawaii instead of my dolldelight dresses since I'm playing photographer for my friend, Ava, who is actually going to model the dresses in the photoshoots.

Top and inner shirt sponsored by Juizywoozy. Skirt sponsored by Romwe. Milk carton purse from Dolly Dynamite.

These are a really old pair of spiked wedges sponsored by Mode 5. I love them though! They are both cute and punk.

I don't know which outfit I'll be wearing for which day. I might also change into a dolldelight dress for The Doll Life panel, the reality show I'm in. But for sure, on the last day, I will come in my dolldelight dress for the fashion show. I am so excited, especially since Jin is modeling for me! I hope I get to see you guys there! 

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