Thursday, September 3, 2015

Swatches and Sparkles

I am trying to take a break from all the crazy that's Pacific Media Expo! But at the same time, I want to still be able to do something for my fashion show. I thought I'll swatch some nail polish from INM and figure out which I could use on my models to match their dresses.

I've been most excited to try these pretty sparkly top coats. I want to be able to do something cute, yet quick since so much time is already devoted on just dressing up the models. I won't be able to do some legit nail painting yet, but I know using these would be a level from just normal nail polish. Besides, I'm still a beginner at these things!

I've tried them on a nude base, for contrast. Just from this I could already tell I won't be using the one with silver sprinkles. But let's take a close look at each:

By itself and on another color, I know this would look really pretty! It's even interesting how flat the surface is. These little sprinkles must be so fine!

Instead of sprinkles, this one has glitters. It's a lot more subtle than the first one, and also has a smooth finish.

You can barely see the glitters in this one. It's almost like fairy dust! Compared to the other two, this seems to have more shine to it. I googled what hologram effect meant for nail polish, and so far, based on the photos, hologram meant it had iridescence - when light hits the surface, the shine resembles a rainbow. It's close to how spilled oil looks like. I couldn't say this top coat has a hologram effect then, though I might not be defining it correctly. Either that or I might not have applied enough. At any rate, this is still a very pretty yet subtle shimmer.

I also tried the other top coats - regular and matte. Which do you prefer? I've always worn glossy nail polish so this matte finish is interesting to me. I bet it would look really pretty on pastel colors. Anyway this is what I've decided to match the four finale dresses:

What do you think? :)

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