Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Doll Life

My reality show, The Doll Life, is coming out on Oct 20 at 8PM PST/ 7PM Central on MYX TV!
I've worked on this show earlier this year. The Doll Life will finally air tomorrow on MYX TV and will be available on their official website the day after:

The Doll Life delves on what it's like to live the life of an indie Asian street fashion designer and her models. Southern California Filipina-American Cyril Lumboy of dolldelight and the cast of the new reality TV series "The Doll Life" can give you a sneak peek of their crazy, stressful, fun, and dolly-fashion life in this show.

The series is actually a spin-off of my episode, I'm Asian American and I'm a Living Doll.

A few weeks back I was interviewed about The Doll Life during the MYX Daily Top Ten by MYX PH. MYX Philippines is a music channel based in the Philippines. MYX USA and MYX PH are both under the ABS-CBN network.

Team Chicken Pork Adobo actually helped me to get the gig!

I was happy to do the interview and see new people react to my style! Kuya Marshall was surprisingly a fan boy. lol

Of course, here is a full body outfit shot:

You will see a lot more of my dresses on The Doll Life! I hope you guys watch it!

To find MYX TV please refer  below:

All photos taken by Kei Villanueva.

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