Friday, October 2, 2015

The Wanderer

A lot of people liked the outfit I wore during my visit to Pinto Art Museum. So here's a proper post!

I wanted to wear something comfortable and yet elegant. I paired this lace crop top with this chiffon maxi skirt. It was perfect for the humid weather. And since I was wearing sneakers, I had the most enjoyable time roaming around the museum property.

If you are curious with how long my hair really is, this is it! I did have it in a bun though, that's why I wasn't able to wear the cute bear straw hat. I would really want to wear my hair down outside of photographs, but it could get so unkempt at times!

To be honest, looking at this outfit makes me want to sell all my kawaii clothing and start building a more elegant wardrobe. Maybe it would be all flowy maxi skirts like the one I made for my birthday

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