Friday, January 1, 2016

Look Back. Move Forward.

I've been meaning to write this post and with the new year upon us, I find it most useful to remind myself the following things. I'd like to share them with you guys as well! This note goes along the lines of what I have learned throughout the years of designing and making my own dresses for my brand dolldelight
1. Never be afraid to try.
Being a self-taught designer and seamstress, I have learned a lot from trying out new styles. From punk to princess, I have experienced first-hand the transformative power of creating and dressing up! For me, that fuels up creativity. Whenever I experience a slump, I force myself to make and wear something different. That has kept me going throughout these years!
My learning how to sew has been a series of trial and error. You may not see it from the photos but the dress on the left has the messiest insides! What's more is that in my beginner years, I used to make dresses that are elasticized and simply slipped-on. I had zero knowledge of sewing zippers. Moreover, I honestly believed I won't be able to learn how to sew them. See, without even trying I was already afraid to fail! But then I really wanted to make well-fitted dresses and I found that zippers would help me achieve that silhouette. So one day, I just had to do it. With Youtube tutorials playing in the background, I spent hours figuring out how to incorporate an invisible zipper into a lined dress. Now I make my dresses both with shirring and invisible side zippers!
2. Never let the bullies in.
By bullies, I mean those people who pretend to offer help but only do so behind the mask of anonymity. And of course, these unsolicited, anonymous "advices" are likely in the form of insults. There is absolutely no good that could come from listening to them because in the first place, they were NOT looking out for you and your improvement.
Moreover, the worst bullies are those who criticize you for trying too hard. I have had my share of them and admittedly, it did hurt before. But then, I sincerely love what I do, and I would like to always try and give my hardest in my pursuit of creative fulfillment. That's how it is when you love what you do. Nothing more, nothing less. 
While not everyone who supports you would have the heart to tell you how to improve (I understand that some are just either shy and/or discreet), I still believe that it is best to hear advice from someone who's willing to stand by and behind it (read: a non-anonymous person). 
3. Never be afraid to be yourself or selves!
Especially in fashion, I understand that some people are hesitant to try out particular styles because of their race, gender, age, and/or skin color. But if your heart desires it, should you not try to fulfill it? Life is short. Really short. If you get anything from this post, let it be this - that there is fun in dressing up! There is fun in wearing what suits your mood and/or aesthetic. Who cares what others think! At the end of the day, it is YOUR opinion that would matter. It is what makes you feel good that matters.

2015 has brought me into the reality TV industry! I got to film about my life as dolldelight, and the lives of my models and friends as well for the show The Doll Life! Interestingly it has garnered really mixed reactions. One of the negative comments I received include an online threat. (Really, I did not expect that someone would want to punch me just because I'm doing something I like!) upset emoticon But what's important though are the loving and supportive messages of fans sharing how the show has inspired them to be confident by being creative (make up and dress up)! And that's more than enough for me. Why? Because that's the main reason why I have wanted to do the show! I have always wanted to share how I found fulfillment in creating and wearing dresses, because they allow me to transform myself. If the show has inspired people to do so, it's mission accomplished! kiki emoticon
For 2016, I would like to do similar projects, and reach out and make more fans and friends who enjoy the hobby! 
If you haven't caught up with the show, season 1 is available online.
Special thanks to Gothic Lolita Wigs and Dolluxe for sponsoring all our wigs and lashes! These items are integral parts of the dolly look, and I'm forever grateful! 

2015 has introduced me into a new venture - food blogging! I have always wanted to visit the most creative cafes and restaurants while wearing the dresses that I have made and this year, I was able to do it in my country, the Philippines! I've been fortunate to have Keiaveunalliv as photographer! In 2016, I want to try out places here in Southern California, and share both my love for food and fashion with you guys. Special thanks to Jio Verona and Stray Cat 사진 as well!

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