Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Think Tall

Think tall. That's basically all I had in mind while doing this photoshoot at home! I had to mentally coach myself to look a little taller and slender, when I am but a petite potato. It was such a challenge taking outfit photos of this 2 piece dress.

Sponsored: Romwe 2 piece dress, clapper purse, hat. Chiko Marissa Pointed Toe Low Wedges.

I got the dress in size small. As you could see, the top seems too bulky on me, even though it looks and feels comfy. The skirt fits me perfectly. It would be something I would wear with other tops. As for the shoes, I would have preferred to put on a pair of simple, white sneakers but I wanted to wear something that matches the clapper purse. Isn't it fun?!

I thought I would try a beanie with the outfit too. It definitely had more of the Netflix and chill vibe going on. lol It is still a little cold here in Southern California, so this is definitely an outfit I would be sporting outside. If you love the 2 piece dress, there's only one remaining! Romwe also ships this from/within the US so you don't have to wait weeks for it to arrive.

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