Saturday, September 3, 2016

Sunset Saturation

I am starting off September with a new blog layout and this summer outfit! I know autumn is around the corner, but I want to soak up the sun before we transition into cooler weather. I definitely had fun taking photos of this outfit during the golden hour. I wanted to do a coordinate that celebrated the sun set by the sea.

Today I had quite a gorgeous lighting. I love how the cool blue complements the warmer orange tones of my wig and purse. I was hesitant to do a blue on blue coordinate, but I thought it would be the perfect way to convey both the calm of the ocean and clearness of the sky. The stripes and the bowknot details of this top remind me of a sailor outfit. Wearing the sleeves off the shoulder, however, gives this romantic vibe, which is still very appropriate for an afternoon stroll along the beach.

I had to cheat to wear this skirt! Before putting on a belt, I pinned the back to further cinch the waist. I know I would not be able to wear it without a belt, which I personally find to be a hassle, despite being a timeless accessory to any outfit. However, this denim maxi skirt is so soft I would not mind wearing a belt. It is also lightweight fabric, which leaves me to imagine how the wind could easily blow it. Yet another imagery so common when one thinks of the ocean.

I have been loving this Heartbreaker wig recently. And I thought it would be the perfect sun to my sunset by the sea inspired look. But more than that I am seriously considering dyeing my hair this color. I think it would remind me of warmth once we get into fall, and then winter. But then again, maybe I won't have to experience the gloomy seasons. I miss the Philippines so much, and I have been planning to come back. Things haven't really been well back there, but I feel my heart ultimately belongs to my mother country. And when I do go back, I will be with my friends to work on some projects I have been pondering on for a while now. Indeed, here is to hoping for a better tomorrow.

On a positive note, I just remembered how both the hat and purse were things sent to me by my aunt in Los Angeles, while I was still living in the Philippines. It's amusing to think that I actually brought them back to California! Maybe I should bring them with me on my next trip, just for good luck!

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