Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kawaii in Manila 2 (Jamframe Photography)

More photos from the recent event I attended. This time photography is by my good friend Jamframe!

These two photos above are pretty special because they have the jeepney, a distinct Filipino mode of transportation! For the event, it was kawaii-fied. lol

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Kawaii in Manila 2 (Minishoot with Jio Verona)

I had such a blast attending Kawaii in Manila 2! I went with my long time friend, Miaow, and we both wore dress sets I made. Everyone was just so nice. I really felt good that people still recognized me even if I no longer lived in the Philippines.
Among the fun crowd, we met talented photographers as well! I was lucky to do a mini photoshoot with fashion photographer, Jio Verona.
Wigs were sponsored by Gothic Lolita Wigs.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Society X with Laura Ling

Finally found the episode we did for Society X. Dresses screen captured below were all made by me!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

TLC My Strange Addiction: I'm a Living Doll

As Emily aka Luna Lovely fondly calls it, this show was a hot mess. But since this was the first time I had my work televised in national TV, I'm still thankful for being part of the show. I and my models were part asked to join Emily's tea party. She wore a dress I made called Angel Puff. Stephanie , Christy, and Sabrina were also wearing dresses made by me.

Photos by Erskine Noel:

That said, we absolutely hate how we were never informed by the production team that this was going to be for My Strange Addiction. That is why I agreed to do a documentary for another network, MYX TV. I and the girls were hoping to provide a more positive light on dressing up and doll fashion.

Kababayan Today

I was invited to Jannelle So's talk show, Kababayan Today

I realized I have not posted about the dresses I recently made. Here they are, along with my models for the show!

Pastel Cutie
Jane of pastel cutie told me this was her favorite dress I made so I named it after her. :D

Stephanie of Risu Kim modeled it for the show.

Petal Peach Parfait

Modeled by Emily aka dolly luna lovely. I'm pretty sure you remember her from My Strange Addictions. XD

And moi! I haven't thought of a name for this new dress I made. 
All our wigs are from Gothic Lolita Wigs!

And yet another nameless dress! Or perhaps I have forgotten the name?
Jane modeled this dress! Sadly there was a bit of trouble with the production team and we weren't able to have her in the show. :(

Moving on, I finally had the time to move some videos into my Youtube channel. These are my interviews featuring my brand, dolldelight! It's interesting how much I have changed, and hopefully progressed, as a designer. One major difference is that I haven't been making any punk dresses lately! I favor the doll fashion, for now. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Olivia's Dollhouse Tea Room

I and the dolls did another documentary on doll fashion for E! Entertainment. We were invited by Emily Smith aka dollylunalovely to be part of her episode. We dressed up the host of the show in dolldelight and Gothic Lolita Wigs, both also worn by my models. We are not allowed to tell the show just yet but for sure, I would be updating you guys about it!

We did the filming in a super cute place - Olivia's Dollhouse Tea Room in Thousand Oaks. 

I wore a new dress I made! It was inspired by Marie Antoinette. I also made matching bows for the shoes! Gothic Lolita Wigs also sent me a bunch of new wigs. For this outfit, I wore the base of the Baby Doll chocolate brown.

Ahhh, I just really love the place! Hopefully we could do a photoshoot there next time!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Peachmintea: Cloud Princess

Mintea modeling Angel Puff for dolldelight.
Dress, headpiece, and styling by me.
Wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs.
Photo by Erskine Noel.
Post-processing by me.